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admin | November 30, 2023
Creating a Personal Oasis: Balcony and Terrace Garden Ideas for Apartments

In the hustle and bustle of urban living, finding a sanctuary within the confines of your home is a luxury worth indulging in. One way to achieve this is by transforming your balcony or terrace into a biophilic oasi... Read More

Veegaland Homes | November 23, 2023
Rising Above the Rest: Veegaland Green Heights – Kochi’s Tallest Biophilic Urban Home

Nestled in the heart of Kochi, Veegaland Green Heights emerges as a towering beacon of luxury and sustainability. This iconic project by the pioneers of biophilic urban living, Veegaland Homes, is to stand tall in T... Read More

Veegaland Homes | November 20, 2023
Eco-Friendly Apartment Living: Sustainable Practices and Green Initiatives

In today's world, eco-friendly apartment living has become more than just a trend – it's a necessity. With the increasing awareness of climate change and the importance of reducing our carbon footprint, many indiv... Read More

Veegaland Homes | October 31, 2023
Maximizing Small Spaces: Clever Design Ideas for Tiny Homes

In a world where the mantra "less is more" has taken on new significance, tiny homes have become a symbol of minimalist living. These compact abodes have gained popularity not only for their eco-friendly appeal but ... Read More

Veegaland Homes | October 25, 2023
The Future of Sustainable Homes: Green Living Trends for 2023

Global focus on sustainability and eco-conscious living is continuing to grow. Sustainable homes are no longer just a niche concept; they are becoming the norm. With climate change concerns, increasing energy costs,... Read More

Veegaland Homes | October 20, 2023
Tips for Smart Home Investment in Kochi: Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Flat

Kochi, the most happening place in Kerala is also called Cochin or the Queen of Arabian Sea. It’s is a vibrant city in Kerala that has been witnessing remarkable growth in the real estate sector. With its booming ... Read More

Veegaland Homes | October 9, 2023
Harmonizing Nature and Urban Living: Veegaland Symphony, Kozhikode

A peek inside Veegaland Symphony, an oasis in Kozhikode The allure of urban living, with its bustling streets and access to modern conveniences, has long been a magnet drawing people to cities. However, amidst the ... Read More

Veegaland Homes | September 29, 2023
9 Things to Keep in Mind for a Peaceful Retired Life

Retirement – a chapter in life that holds the promise of leisure, relaxation, and the pursuit of long-held dreams. It's a time to savour the fruits of your labour and create a peaceful and fulfilling life. At Veeg... Read More

Veegaland Homes | September 22, 2023
Empowering Women Through Mindful Investments: Making Sustainable Choices

The Barbie franchise’s recent release made huge waves amongst women of all age-groups from across the world. Even though the name resonates one of the most popular toys, the movie is all about a woman’s choices ... Read More

Veegaland Homes | September 4, 2023
Trivandrum Biophilic Urban Homes : A Strategic Investment for IT Professionals

Trivandrum's Biophilic Urban Homes: A Strategic Investment for IT Professionals In the heart of Trivandrum, a new residential landmark is rising – the Veegaland Green Capitol. This exceptional project stands as a... Read More

admin | August 27, 2023
Embracing Biophilic Design: How Veegaland Homes Harmonize Nature and Architecture?

In the ever-evolving landscape of modern architecture, a fascinating and transformative concept has taken root – biophilic urban homes. Blurring the lines between the built environment and the natural world, bioph... Read More

Veegaland | August 18, 2023
Choosing Your Dream Home: 2 BHK or 3 BHK – The Ultimate Dilemma

Embarking on the journey to find your dream home is an exciting yet complex process. One of the fundamental decisions you'll encounter is selecting between a 2 BHK (Bedroom, Hall, and Kitchen) and a 3 BHK flat (with... Read More

admin | August 10, 2023
Why is it important to choose an ideal location to buy your home?

An ideal location is undoubtedly one of the most important factors to consider while buying a home. Even though factors such as price, amenities, features, security, etc can be changed during the home-buying process... Read More

Veegaland Homes | July 28, 2023
7 things to keep in mind if you are a first-time home buyer

Buying your first home is undoubtedly a big move and the whole homebuying process could be equally exciting and confusing for a first-time homebuyer. Irrespective of the reason you are purchasing a home - be it f... Read More

Veegaland Homes | July 19, 2023
10 Historical monuments and landmarks in Trivandrum

Known as the ‘Evergreen City of India’, Thiruvananthapuram aka Trivandrum is the capital of the state of Kerala. Comprising beautiful beaches, long stretches of palm-fringed shorelines, windy backwaters, and his... Read More

Veegaland Homes | June 30, 2023
7 Factors to Keep in mind while choosing the Floor in a high-rise apartment

With the population and accommodation continuing to be an issue in almost all of our metropolitan cities, high-rise apartments have become a common sight in most Indian cities. The residential landscape in major ... Read More