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admin | March 5, 2021

The long hot summers of our country can be quite relentless and with the intense rise in the temperature, most of us resort to keeping our homes cool by turning on the coolers or air conditioners.

But, with the sudden rise in electric bills guaranteed and the adverse effect on our environment, those are not viable options for an eco-friendly future and one should seek smart yet simple hacks to keep house cool in summer naturally and also reduce our carbon footprints.

Let’s, therefore, have a look at the 7 easy hacks to keep the house cool in summer naturally, prepared by the thriving eco-friendly builder in Kerala, Veegaland Homes

1. Cross Ventilation

Opening the windows at opposite ends brings in some breeze inside your home and enables cross ventilation, which helps to maintain a lower temperature within your home interiors.

Although cross ventilation is proven to make indoors cooler, the time also plays a crucial role and the best time to open the windows during summer is considered to be between 5 to 8 AM in the morning and between 7 to 10 pm in the evenings.

Opening the top section of windows on the downwind side and the bottom section on the upwind side of your house is also a simple hack to create a cooling pressure current.


2. Block the sun

In contrast to letting the air in, to cool your interior, blocking the sunlight from entering your house can also help to maintain a lower temperature within your home. With around 30 percent of the unwanted heat coming through the windows, installing shades, curtains or blinds can lower the indoor temperature considerably and also save you up some money on the bills.

Simple hacks like hanging some wet laundry or dampening the curtains and turning on the fan can make the water seep upward and spread a cool breeze within the room.


3. Unplug appliances or electronics

Despite being switched off, most appliances or electronic devices that are plugged in use some amount of electricity (phantom power) and emit heat. Therefore, unplug all appliances and electronic devices when they are not in use and it can reduce the heat production from the heat multipliers of these devices and keep house cool in summer naturally

Scheduling laundry, ironing, and other such works during the cooler parts of the day or in the evening and pre-cooking the next day’s meals in the evening can help reduce heat and energy use within your home and keep it cooler.


4. Declutter your home

A cluttered room will feel hotter and claustrophobic in summer. Therefore, take the summer heat as an opportunity to declutter your home and make it airier. Discarding the unwanted pieces of stuff, heavy furniture, books, newspapers, and magazines can give you some more space, which can ultimately help in letting out the hot air and ensuring a free flow of air within your indoors.

Replacing all those synthetic drapes and thick woolen carpets with thin rugs made from jute and hemp can give a changed look to your interiors and bring some chill.


5. Tech-hack

As discussed in the beginning; air conditioners have a huge impact on our electricity bills and on our environment. But what if we are able to naturally air condition our home interior? A great, yet affordable method to keep a room cool is possible with just three things; that too, which can be easily found in any house- a fan, a bowl, and some ice-cubes.

Just fill the bowl with the ice cubes and place it in front of a fan to enjoy the chill breeze that is generated. Even after the whole ice cubes have melted, the cool water left behind can hold the chills for some more time.


6. Bring in nature

Another natural and purest way to keep house cool in summer naturally would be bringing in the plants, shrubs, and vines, which can act as living air conditioners and cool down your home. Potted plants like aloe vera, spider plant, snake plant, English ivy, and peace lily can also reduce the levels of a number of toxic gases and purify the air.

Planting shady trees and plants in the outdoors in the spots where they can block out the sun’s rays and growing vines and creepers along staircase, balcony, sunshades, or windows can also provide some shade and keep your homes cooler than normal temperature.


7. Keep yourself cool

Your temperature is as important as the temperature you are surviving in, and as our ancestors were able to survive without any air conditioning or coolers, so should we. Therefore, like you plan out the changes for the environment you live in, also take time to plan a summer-specific diet and food habit, which can effectively pay-off in making you survive the heat.

Make sure to include seasonal fruits with more water content like watermelon, musk melon, grapes, oranges, and vegetables like cucumber, radish, lettuce, and leafy greens. They can keep you hydrated, cool, and energized, even when the heat turns up. And without any doubt; consume a lot of water.

Evolving as an eco-friendly builder in Kerala, Veegaland Homes designs and builds flats and apartments with eco-friendly means contributing to a sustainable future. Our living spaces are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and modern amenities to realize exemplary living.

Veegaland Homes RERA-registered apartments in Kochi have sample homes equipped to offer first-hand experience to interested buyers. To learn more about our ongoing and upcoming projects, please visit:

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