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admin | March 17, 2021

Regardless of the type of real estate; be it a flat, apartment, or villa; investing in any one of them is a decision reached after a lot of thought and homework, and the process requires a lot of contemplation to ensure that you are investing your hard-earned money at the right place.

For this reason, one of the most crucial steps in the home-buying process is finding the right builder or developer for your dream home. As reputed brands would never compromise on the build quality of their homes, an association with a renowned brand is always safe to ensure a fair return on the investment.

Let’s, therefore, have a look at the 7 advantages of buying flats and apartments from a reputed builder:

1. Quality design and construction

Residential projects by reputed builders will have quality design and construction choices that adhere well to the standards, rules, and regulations. Being the industry experts, reputed builders tend to be the top players of the industry and will have a niche with their successfully completed projects and quality service.

Construction being the backbone of any residential project, a recognized and reputed brand can always assure quality construction. Equipped with upgraded designs that can offer a luxury living experience, these builders will also be adept at integrating homebuyer’s choice with fine craftsmanship.

2. State-of-the-art facilities & amenities

Another assurance from reputed or branded developers is the state of the art housing and amenities they come with. They won’t make a compromise on modern and well-equipped facilities such as adequate parking space, 24X7 security, indoor and outdoor recreational play area, gymnasiums, roof-top swimming pool, etc.

With modern living spaces being much more than just a mere shelter and constructed to reflect one’s fashion and lifestyle quotient, new-age developers and builders are not just selling homes; but dreams, desires, and much more.

3. Adherence to the RERA Norms

The introduction of housing acts like RERA has brought down the chances of homebuyers being deceived and every project has to have a RERA registration and adhere to its norms. RERA rules and regulations cannot be tampered and not following them can lead to strict penalties.

Registered under RERA, reputed builders will also ensure that there are no associated risks with their properties or any foul-play in the real estate dealings. Moreover, their goodwill in the industry will guarantee its buyers authenticity and trust about their project.

4. High level of security

Another area where the reputed builders don’t make a compromise is on security and related features. Established brands will have a top line of security arrangements as an integral part of their design and construction.

With homebuying being an investment of a lifetime, it’s always important to feel safe than worry and feel sorry. Sophisticated inter-com facilities, CCTV monitoring, etc are an integral part of any new-age apartments so that homebuyers can benefit from it and enjoy a high level of security within their dream homes.

5. On-time delivery

One of the most common heard issues in the real estate industry is the delayed delivery of flats due to the unavailability of construction materials or lack of funding. Reputed builders with their experience in the construction industry will be consistent and make sure the timely delivery of their projects.

Moreover, housing acts like RERA have made things more transparent between the homebuyers and builders and every deadline and information furnished are to be matched with accuracy, failing which the builder will have to pay penalties. Timely delivery is also the best way to evaluate a builder’s reputation.

6. Easy home loans

Another popular benefit of buying a home from reputed builders is that one can get easy home loans due to their quality service and the reduced risk factor involved.

The reason behind this is the reputation the builder has and banks can easily rely on the ones who are buying a home from them and the loans will be therefore easily sanctioned.

A trusted builder’s name can also fetch homebuyers a loan with the lowest possible EMI rates and affordable interest rates.

7. High ROI

Lastly, a builder’s reputation can work in your favor if you ever plan to sell or rent out your property. Popular brands always make sure to construct their flats and apartments in well-known locations or areas which have good connectivity and related infrastructure.

Along with the construction quality and related factors that come with a builders’ reputation, investing in a builder’s goodwill is one of the best things that can also earn you a high ROI (Return on Investment).

Introducing the true implementation of construction quality and luxury beyond words, into its flats and apartments in Kochi, Veegaland Homes has proven competence in on-time delivery of dream apartments in Kerala, built with state-of-the-art design and world-class amenities.

Equipped with the latest technology to realize exemplary modern living, Veegaland Homes promises its inhabitants a life of quality and standards and is functioning as one of the most trusted and reputed builders in Kerala.

RERA (Real Estate Regulation Authority) registered Veegaland Homes apartments in Kochi are ready with sample homes capable of offering the first-hand experience to the interested buyers. To learn more about our ongoing and upcoming projects, please visit: builders in kerala .

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