How to prepare for meeting a custom builder? The top 5 tips

How to prepare for meeting a custom builder? The top 5 tips

First meeting with the home builder is really important as you come to conclusions regarding many
critical aspects of your dream home. Be prepared and talk with specific goals in mind. Meet all the
shortlisted builders with these aspects to finalize your building partner.

1.Explore all the local builders
Do thorough research on the works of all the local builders. Try to have a deeper understanding of their
working style and attitude towards the customer.
.Study their websites
.Visit other finished projects nearby
. Talk to their old clients to take a word of mouth feedback
. Check whether they have delivered homes similar to your proposed one
. How do their homes look like after 8- 12 years?
. Are they good at providing extended support?
. Demand a detailed project report (include cost, time, challenges, their special services, how they can
be different, etc.)

2. Throw questions and your expectations
Throw all your concerns to the builder as you talk and make him clear about your expectations. Do not
be stubborn with your concepts. Be flexible, as the builder can help you take better decisions from his
experience. Draft a list questions like,
. How long it will take to finish?
. What are the other costs involved?
. How often meetings are held?
. Quality of materials and machinery used?
. Extended support facilities?

3. Give him a clear idea
Pick out pictures or take him to any nearby place to show what exactly you want. Sharing visuals can
help the builder to gain a clear understanding of your exact requirements. The Internet can help you a
lot regarding the same. Make use of the Pinterest boards or any other online options to make him
understand what you are looking for or really close to that.

4. Check with the provided references
Ask for at least four references, two old and two new. Find some time to go there and have a short
interaction with his previous clients. Take proper feedback and also give a detailed eye to their living
spaces. Enquire to these customers about the durability, transparency of the builder's working
procedure, response time, ability to stay within the budget, and providing realistic estimates.

5. Enquire about the unique aspects
Ask the builder about his unique aspects of building homes. Try to take a tour to visit any of his ongoing
projects to have a better understanding of his working procedure. Know more about his craftsmanship
and feel satisfied before handling the project.

Take care and think twice before finalizing the building partner as homes are meant for a happy living,

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