Do's and Don'ts in Apartment Living

Do's and Don'ts in Apartment Living

Living in apartments can offer us a number of boons. Apartment living is the most secure and facilitative when compared to other housing options. But in fact, in order to make it efficient, we need to consider a number of things. To make the most out of the facilities we have and to make good relationships with our neighbours, the 5 Do's and Don'ts in the apartments mentioned below can help you.



 1. Create your own space

It's already our place, isn't it? Yes of course it is. But at least a few among you may doubt the freedom we have in an apartment compared to a house. There are indeed restrictions on nailing the wall or painting inside the rooms but it doesn't mean that you should keep yourself away from all the decorations and embellishments you wish to do for your space. As we want to be unique, our house needs to be. To stand out in view and to enjoy the right comfort, get your space personalized. Placing cute decors, planting some green, displaying some good old photographs you love, and creating a cozy corner that will soothe you from within is enough to start with.
Concentrate on one or two statement pieces to get along with the whole vibe of the interior. But always remember, dumping all that you love isn't advisable to create a classy interior. Choose some minimalistic classy decors that suits your taste and personality.


2. Make use of the amenities

Though we are aware of all the luxurious amenities available in our apartment, making use of them is a different story. Sometimes accessibility can have nothing to do with the initial struggle of making a new habit. There may be an air-conditioned health club, swimming pool or children's play area with equipment or a lot of new modern amenities in your apartment. When you have access to all these, it is not wise to let them go without addressing the advantages. Start small by using the pool twenty minutes after work or spending some time in the evening with your kids in the park. When you have luxurious facilities, why should you waste them?

3. Be mindful of your cooking smell

Food habits are unique, preferences of smell too. Using strong-smelling ingredients while cooking can cause disturbances among your neighbours especially if they are not very fond of that particular food item. Exhaust fans and air purifiers can help you deal with this problem to an extent.
But it is always advisable to be mindful of your cooking smell and the people nextdoor.

4. Clean regularly

Cleaning and organizing can contribute to the entire look of your apartment. Though you may not be able to vacuum the rooms every single day, make sure you do it at least once a week. Mop the floors, clean your bathrooms, wipe the window panes, clean the dustbin and wipe down the countertops of your kitchen. If your house is well cleaned and well maintained it will definitely spread some positivity into your life. A clean home can make you happier.




1. Don't be a bad neighbour

It's great if you have musical talents and a taste for pop music, but please don't make your neighbour pay for it. When you enjoy a party or a music blast alone, it shouldn't bother your neighbours. It is not about music alone, loud talk in the corridors and the wrong waste disposal methods can annoy your neighbours. Know the limits of your freedom and respect the comfort of your others.


2. Don't litter the complex

When we are a part of the community living, we have some limitations for our freedom. Think as if the whole building is yours, you shouldn't make it dirty or think as if the whole building is not yours, you shouldn't make it dirty. Either way, keep in mind your freedom is limited to your own apartment. It shouldn't exceed the pathways, elevators, parking lots and amenity areas. You should avoid spitting, littering and smoking around the common areas.


3. Don't dry your laundry outside your apartment

Apartments with sufficient ventilation can offer you plenty of sunlight in your rooms. But those who don't have that luxury in their apartments may tend to use the common area to air dry the laundry. Anyway, hanging laundry outside the apartment is inappropriate. So, try to use only the areas designed for that purpose.


4. Don't grab the corridor space

Decorating your space with some greenery sounds nice, but remember the corridor is not your space. You may love to place some decor pieces or pot plants on the sides of your main door. As corridors or staircases are common property, your neighbours can complain, if they are concerned about it. Our personal belongings should be kept inside our apartment itself. Here,selecting spacious apartments can bring you enough indoor space to embellish them the way you like.


5. Don't hesitate to report maintenance issues

To solve any problem, first, we should address it and then it should be reported. As soon as you find some maintenance issues you should report them immediately to not make them get worse. It can be a leaking tap, or a not functioning elevator, rectifying the issue on time can save your comfort.
Now you know the basic Do's and Don'ts in apartments. But to ensure complete comfort, first, you have to select the right builders. The luxury apartments by Veegaland Developers are designed for the complete convenience of the residents. With the most modern amenities and eco-friendly features, Veegaland homes, the best builder in Kerala offer you a new lifestyle with luxurious comfort and happy living.
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November 25, 2021 Kurian Thomas - Assistant General Manager - Sales & Marketing


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