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admin | October 29, 2020

Buying a new home or apartment can undoubtedly bring you happiness; but in the midst of a lot of confusion and surveys, there are some ‘elements of life’ which every home-buyer irrespective of their budget and requirements, seek to improve their lives.

In Elements of fine living- Part 1 & Elements of fine living- Part 2 we had discussed the 12 most important ‘Elements of fine living’ in an apartment in Kochi. Now let’s have a look at the last five important elements sought by the home-buyers in Kochi.

13. Parking

Cars are at the heart of the current culture and if not a car, an average middle-class individual in India would at least be owning a two-wheeler. Although the advent of car-sharing and online cabs are transforming the way people travel, a private parking space is a necessity if they have a personal vehicle, or in case they would have one in the future.

Parking can be an important consideration if you’re expecting a commute, and the last thing you want under such circumstances is to circle your block hunting for a parking spot every day.

Already putting in the investment of a lifetime in your dream home, you should not pay a hefty amount to have a private parking space for your vehicle and instead should prefer flats or apartments that have designated private parking spaces or garage facilities.


14. Party

Modern life is packed with hassles, deadlines, frustrations, and demands, which are all contributing factors to stress; which accounts for 80% of all illnesses either directly or indirectly. Stress can further weaken the immune system and cause serious health issues such as cardiovascular problems and mental illness such as depression.

As stress from daily life responsibilities is tough to get rid of completely, having some fun and parties once in a while can be the best stress relief methods which can also have some positive effect on the way you see life and inspire you to reboot yourself.

Seeking for apartments with additional space for parties and events could be really helpful if you and your family love throwing parties at your friends and relatives. If planned and executed well enough, any small apartment can also be transformed into cool party spaces for you and your dearest ones.


15. Neighbours

Neighbours are strangers who can overtime turn into great friends with a small effort from the two sides. With apartment living minimizing the need to interact with your neighbours, having great neighbours has always been a fortune that has a wide range of benefits including enhanced safety and community events.
Having a cordial relationship with your neighbours will also help you learn and understand new customs and culture and at both challenging and happy times, such relationships will remind you that you’re surrounded by friendship and support.

Although you can only get to know people over time, you can learn about the neighbourhood and neighbours from the initial stages of your apartment hunt itself and take initiative to familiarize yourself with the first opportunity that presents itself.


16. Garden

Growing an apartment garden is one of the best investments of time and money. With plants having the capability to make us happier and healthier, gardening can also help in creating the much-needed greenery amidst the modern concrete jungle.

From vertical gardens to potted plants to creepers to hanging plants, there are a wide variety of options to set up a garden in an apartment, and it will even provide access to fresh produce for your food.

If you’re a home-buyer seeking some amount of greenery amidst your living space, searching for apartments and homes that feature gardens in different shapes and forms would be an ideal choice.


17. Maintenance

Maintenance of homes and apartments deals with the sustenance of living spaces, which covers a wide range of repair works such as plumbing, HVAC, appliance repair, cleaning, groundskeeping, and pest control.

Passed by the Parliament of India, the Real Estate Regulation and Development Act has established the most important flat maintenance charges law in India, which ensures a transparent selling and buying process for all types of properties.

RERA states that the builder or developer is responsible to provide maintenance for the sold property on a regular basis at a reasonable charge, which has to be borne by the resident. Builders, developers, and apartments approved by RERA will therefore ensure smooth and clear maintenance for the homebuyers.

Flourishing as the most trusted builder in Kerala, Veegaland Homes design and construct RERA registered modern living spaces with state-of-the-art technology and innovation, which promises it’s inhabitants a life of complete peace of mind.

Designed and built with the objective of providing a high-quality living experience to our occupants, Veegaland Homes flats and apartments offer private parking spaces, common halls and party area, garden, and smooth maintenance and service

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