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admin | October 22, 2020

Regardless of being a morning person or a night owl, any individual needs to take a bit of an effort to push themselves out of the bed and start their day. But waking up early (provided that you have a good amount of sleep) has some amazing benefits associated with it, which makes it worth enough to wake up to the rising sun.

Our individual and professional lifestyles are what decides and shape our routines. However, if you’re someone who has never been a morning person and is really looking forward to making your mornings better, there are a set of things you can follow in order to make the morning version of yourself as an individual much better.

Let’s look at the 6 ways which can make your mornings a lot better.

1. Stop Snoozing

It’s quite common to wake up and feel that you haven’t had enough of your sleep and hence crawl back under your blankets. But when you snooze your alarm and decide to continue your peaceful sleep, you’ve almost half settled with the sleep and the likelihood of waking up any soon is very low.

Instead of waking up and snoozing your alarms (be it on your mobile or in your physical timepiece), set your alarm for a time when you actually have the chances of waking up, taking into consideration the average sleep time you require. You can also keep your alarm away from your bed, which can cause you to step out of the bed and give you lesser chances of going back to sleep.


2. Stay away from electronics

New-age living is so technology-oriented that most of us treat and interact with the devices that are around us as if they are a physical part of our body. Although depending on one’s individual and professional lifestyles, technology has a significance in modern lives, one should always be able to disconnect from the virtual world for leading a productive life.

Reaching out for your cell phones or associated devices as soon as you wake up is the worst thing that you can do on your day. Nothing can put you in an anxious, stressful state of mind than obsessing over those messages, likes, comments, and posts awaiting on your social media profiles. Therefore, rather than starting your day immersed in technology and social media, wake up, bask in the sunlight seeping into your room, take a deep breath, and do your chores.


3. Exercise

The positive impacts one could have in their life, once they start exercising or working out is something that’s widely talked, researched, and valued about. People who exercise or workout daily have the benefits of having more energy for the rest of their day, and it can also improve your self-control and confidence levels.

Although there are various options of activities such as walking, jogging, running, cycling, and general exercises present before us, in case you feel like exercise is not your thing, you can always stretch out your body once you are off your sleep, which help your body and muscles to adjust to the chores of your day.


4. Plan your day

The most effective strategy you can employ to make your day more productive is to plan your day ahead. The simple act of sitting down and planning what you want to achieve in the course of the day will help you gain more perspective and clarity on your work ensuring you meet your daily objectives.

The relevance of planning your day doesn’t end with scheduling it as once you’ve set a realistic timeframe for your daily chores and tasks, you also need to stick to it and make sure you’re on schedule.


5. Eat healthily

Although eating anything at all is sufficient enough to start your day, having a healthy breakfast can help in maintaining your blood sugar levels and hold your hunger over the course of the day. A healthy breakfast can also improve your energy, short-term memory, concentration, and put you at your productive best.

If you are someone who doesn’t like the idea of filling up your stomach, first thing in the morning, you can consider keeping a quick and healthy snack with you for later, when you have the chances of getting hungry.


6. “Me-time”

With the rest of the day laying right before you for your daily routine and chores, make it important that you give yourself some time by getting engaged in doing something that makes yourself happy. It could be anything from journal writing, creative writing, blogging, other arts, listen to podcasts, or your favorite songs, etc.

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