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admin | February 25, 2021

Despite the size and features; the kitchen is the heart of any home. Therefore; when you have your friends, family, and other guests at your home for a dinner party or lunch you’re hosting, the kitchen needs to be as entertaining as possible as it’s there; where most of the actions happen.

With the kitchen being the space from where everything related to a gathering starts and ends, the importance of designing it with ease and efficiency is of utmost importance. We, Veegaland Homes, the most reliable builder of Kerala, have therefore compiled the top 10 essentials for an Entertainer’s Kitchen.


1. Smart & Comfortable space

With the current trend being kitchens that open up into a large living space, the broad environment of the home should be considered while designing a smart and comfortable space to cook and gather.

With several options like banquette seating, kitchen islands, and raised countertops or breakfast bars available in the designs, your choice should always reflect your lifestyle and complement the rest of the home.


2. Stylish & inviting scheme

With the basic characteristic of being inviting, space should be harmonious along its surfaces and give a smooth transition along with the appliances and the utilities. The scheme should also be taken care of to blend in with various colors to give a sleek, integrated, and cozy look for both the hosts and the guests.

Accessories such as glass vases, wood trays, and other cool pieces of decor can be add-ons to give a unique flair.


3. Great Lighting

Good lighting is a basic necessity for anyone to cook any type of dish. Therefore, great lighting that sets the right mood can help one prepare with ease and calm. Moreover, lighting also plays a significant role in creating the mood for awesome dinner parties and other celebrations.

Professional lighting under cabinets and overhead, a cluster of chromed glass ball lights, etc are trendy options that complement an elegant kitchen design bringing a warm glow into space.


4.  A set of speakers

Irrelevant to the size of the party or gathering, some peppy music in the background is a must to set the right mood for great cooking and the subsequent meal. It can be anything from a small pair of speakers to a large sound set that can bring out a quality sound to space. An iPod, MP3 player, or even mobile phone can be used to plug in the songs of one’s preferences.


5. Storage & Organization

Every kitchen needs a pantry, and the larger it can get; the happier would be ones who perform the task of cooking. More than the storage size, a well-organized space that categorizes the spaces specifically for various stuff like dinnerware, serving trays, drinkware, and other utensils can be really helpful and add to the overall charm of the kitchen.

Therefore, make sure your storage space is stylish and functional at the same time.


6.  A warming drawer

A warming drawer is a must-have for every serious entertainer. It can be used to warm up cups, plates, and other utensils at an optimum temperature so that they are ready to serve tasty food and beverages.

A warming drawer is also helpful in keeping pre-cooked food at the right temperature on occasions where you have guests yet to arrive or while prepping for other food or while setting up the table.


7. A beverage stand

Alcoholic or not; drinks are a must-have for any entertaining occasion and therefore having a designated beverage stand or trolly can be worth the investment. A fully equipped beverage stands with an espresso machine, coffee grinder, drinks fridge can make your parties or gatherings at your homes a memorable event.


8. Easy to clean surfaces

At the end of a fun-filled evening, after bidding farewell to your last guest, the last thing you feel like doing would be to clean your kitchen and surroundings. For the same reason, durable, low-maintenance surfaces are any entertainer’s choice.

Porcelain tiles, engineered stone benchtops, and stainless-steel appliances are some of the surfaces which are easy to clean; so that you don’t waste much of your valuable time and would be ready anytime for the next social event at your home.


9. A dishwasher 

With washing your dishes being the last thing you want to at the end of a happening day, an investment in a decent dishwasher is gonna be worth any entertainer’s time and efforts. Known for using less water and energy than the conventional way of washing dishes by hand, a dishwasher is more hygienic and undoubtedly saves a lot of time.

With the new age dishwashers offering endless options and features, choose one according to your family size, everyday usage, and the available space in your kitchen.


10. A spacious refrigerator

Lastly but most importantly; a spacious refrigerator is another must-have for an entertainer. With the needs being varied; small refrigerators are a big no-no, and entertainers should only invest in heavy-duty refrigerators and freezers or should have dedicated ones for food and beverages.

A large cutting edge-refrigerator would also be able to accommodate plenty of leftovers, drinks, and fresh ingredients altogether.

Now knowing the top 10 essentials for any entertainer’s kitchen, incorporating them to make entertaining a lot easier and enjoy yourself with your family, friends, and guests.

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