7 Unique Home Decor Ideas For Your Apartment

7 Unique Home Decor Ideas For Your Apartment

Ditching the most followed patterns and conventional home decor ideas, people nowadays are looking to experiment with creative design and home decor ideas and thereby transform their homes as an expression of their true self or identities.  
Although it might seem complicated, trying to do it the right way can help you achieve the expected balance of form and function. With a limited budget and even less time, let’s see what you can do to get that much-needed transformation to your home. Here are our 7 unique home decor ideas for your home:

1. Walls 

The plain walls of your home are the perfect place to start experimenting and changing the usual into unusual, you can bring the attention that it deserves. Painting it with unconventional colors and patterns, sticking posters, wallpapers, mounting art pieces, and quirky clocks are some of the offbeat ways through which you can make the interior interesting. 
Hanging printed curtains that match the color of your walls and painting the wall black are some creative ways you can make it feel special and intimate. The color combination of other interior items and upholstery can also contribute to this newly created vibe of your home decor.

2. Windows 

Windows, with their ability to control the natural light, can make or break a space. However, the importance of window treatments is often underrated. Window coverings, according to your preferences and lifestyle choices can be just functional, decorative, or achieve a balance between the two.
Depending on your space and the amount the natural light you receive and prefer, you can go for full or flowing drapes, modern coverings, class curtains, roman shades, or laidback shutters. You can also try a lot of home decorating ideas for your home windows according to different seasons. The choices of color and design of your window coverings can also, therefore, contribute to the newly created vibe of your interior.

3. Shelves 

Primarily a functional piece of home decor, shelves can also be pleasing to the eyes than just stay looking bare and boring. However, considering your preferences along with your storage needs is really important while decorating a shelf or looking for upgrades. 
Mixing and matching different pieces of accessories can simply give a style along with organizing items. Placing them by blending the heights, textures, and order can also contribute to keeping it visually interesting. A perfect combination of color, design, and proportion can also make things look stunning. Open shelving can be considered as a simple and cool way to give your interiors a cool vibe.

4. Display collectibles 

Instead of storing your treasured collectible in the attic, showing off them in a high-traffic area like a hallway, staircase, or living room, can let them take on a life of their own and elevate the presence of your interior
It can be anything and everything from family postcards to vintage arts or posters, vintage accessories, travel souvenirs, jeweled keepsakes, chic cameras, stamps, and vintage canisters. A stage-type setting, a soft or solid background, and some focused lighting can bring your displayed collectiblews deserving attention and care. Glassed in shelves and framing can add some protection and charm to them as well.

5. Antique utensils 

Utensils are no more restricted to the kitchen; thanks to new-age home decor, which gives space and attention to antique brass and bronze utensils, kettles, hookahs, metal condiments sets, etc. which bring with them a rustic charm to the home decor.
People who have a fascination for the nostalgic stuff, especially the antique crockery and vintage cutlery pieces would love these displays as they narrate tales from the past of rare craftsmanship and sociocultural relevance. Including such antique pieces as part of your decor apart from being mere showpieces, brings someone else’s history to your home and gives it a human significance.

6. Mismatched upholstery 

Putting together mismatched upholstery in bright colors and quirky patterns is an unconventional-yet-exciting way of bringing some individuality to the home decor. Juxtaposing colorful upholstery in stark backgrounds offers a stunning contrast in the interior design and would be enjoyed and appreciated as a cool and non-traditional idea of furniture styling.
Choosing fabrics and prints that somehow match your interiors with bold patterns will bring chick and texture to your home decor and It can be applied to anything from chairs to sofas and couches. Just make sure to harmonize the different pieces in a way that they blend together to create a modern and trendy feel.

 7. Colors 

Color has the power to evoke different feelings, narrate a tale within a home, and even change the way one feels within a space. However, deciding on a suitable color palette for your interior can be a tricky and complicated task. Therefore while choosing the paint colors, furniture pieces, and other home decor items, you should be able to figure out which colors work together best and which do not.
Opting for colors with like temperature (pairing cool hues likes blues and greens), monochromatic palettes, and complementary color palettes are some of the trends these days that can give a dramatic lift to your interiors. 
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