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Calicut – the multi-cultured coastline city of Kerala is fastly growing as one of the favourite residential destinations of God’s own country. The real estate trends of the recent past show that Calicut as a city has tremendous potential in terms of residential lifestyle and real estate business, apart from being a popular tourist destination.


Take a glance at our Premium Apartments for sale in Calicut – their unique characteristics, and choose the one that’s best for you and your family:

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Veegaland Symphony

Chevayur, Kozhikode
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Your search for flats in Calicut ends here. upgrade yourself, invest and settle in Calicut....

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Veegaland Symphony

Chevayur, Kozhikode
New launch

Your search for flats in Calicut ends here. upgrade yourself, invest and settle in Calicut....

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Why Veegaland flats in Calicut


Successfully completing the construction and on-time delivery of multiple apartment projects in two major cities of Kerala, Veegaland Homes – one of the most reliable builders in Kerala is now proud to drive a quality movement of real estate development into the “City of Spices”

Veegaland Homes design and develop contemporary living spaces and residential communities with state-of-art amenities that is capable of increasing the quality of life of its residents and encouraging their well-being and peace of mind.

Along with the years of experience and expertise, there are some other aspects that make us one of the leading builders in Kerala. Read on for an understanding of the same:



Functioning with a dedicated and service-minded approach toward our businesses over four decades, “Veegaland” has indeed become a name, you can trust.

Successfully completing the construction and on-time delivery of multiple apartment projects in strategic locations of Kochi and Thrissur, Veegaland Homes is a builder with a fantastic track record.



At Veegaland Homes, we ensure that the process of ‘Homebuying’ is an easy and hassle-free process that is also transparent to the customers at all phases of the purchase. Constant updates on the progress of the construction of their dream homes give our homebuyers a feel that – they are building their own home from scratch.



Having wondrously accomplished the true implementation of quality and luxury into our flats and apartments in Kochi and Thrissur and now Flats in Calicut, adhering to the standards defined by real estate governing bodies and organizations, Veegaland Homes is an award-winning builder.

The national safety council award for Safety in Apartments in Kerala, Kerala State Pollution Control Board Award, Outstanding Luxury Project Awards, and Green Habitat Awards are some of our major recognitions of achievements.


Ease of decision making

The chance to visit sample apartments in all our upcoming flats in Calicut gives potential home-buyers a first-hand experience of their dream homes. This facilitates a transparent home buying experience as the buyers can see and experience what they are getting into, thus helping the decision-making process.


Flexible plans

‘Veegaland Homes’ is a credible name in the real estate market not without any reason. As an assistance to homebuyers during the pandemic, we introduced various payment schemes, plans, and offers to help our homebuyers realize their dream of owning their own home.

Prominent banks and financial institutions also approve flexible home loans and financial plans for our customers.


Peace of mind

Registered with RERA, Veegaland Homes ensure that there are no associated risks with our properties or any foul play in the real estate dealings.  All our apartment projects including flats in Kozhikode safeguard the homebuyer’s best interests through transparent procedures, proper due diligence, adherence to the industry’s best practices in fulfilling legal requirements, and safety measures.


After-sale support

Coming on board with Veegaland Homes, you become part of our legacy and get introduced to a well-organized and run support system that will ensure complete management until handing it over to a responsible management board, formed among the residents.


Location benefits

With strategic positioning at the prime locations of the city, Veegaland Homes flats and apartments in Kochi and apartments in Thrissur and now Apartments in Calicut offer excellent connectivity benefits, unlike any builders in Kerala.



Veegaland Homes flats in Kozhikode are designed and built with state-of-the-art amenities and infrastructure. All of our apartments are feature-rich with well-equipped facilities such as adequate parking space, 24X7 security, indoor and outdoor recreational play area, gymnasiums, a roof-top swimming pool, etc.


Eco-friendly projects

Understanding the significance of creating a sustainable environment for our future generation, Veegaland Homes takes constant efforts in supporting all kinds of ‘green’ initiatives that are beneficial for a sustainable future. While designing and building our flats and apartments, we take constant efforts in transforming the eco-friendly framework from an alternative mode of construction to the mainstream.


Brands we associate with

Being the best in the industry, we make sure only to collaborate with the best. Some of the prestigious brands we use or associate with during the construction of our apartments are Kohler, Cera, Jackson’s Ambuja Cements, Dalmia, Mitsubishi, Yale, Jaguar, Ultratech JSW, etc.


A prestigious address

Thriving as one of the most reliable and successful builders in Kerala, Veegaland Homes is an award-winning builder every homebuyer feels proud to associate with.

Our green-oriented, technology-driven apartment projects located within some of the premium neighbourhoods of God’s own country guarantee top-notch living standards to our home buyers.

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About Calicut

Calicut – regionally known as Kozhikode is a multi-cultured coastline city steeped in the history and culture of Kerala.  One of the most scenic and significant parts of Kerala, it’s also one of the most sought-after tourist hotspots of the state. The robust development strategies and advancing social infrastructure of the city have made it a trending real estate destination in Kerala.

Considered the largest urban area in the state of Kerala, Calicut during the classical era and medieval period was known as the “City of Spices” with regard to its significant role as a major trading hub of Eastern spices. Functioning as the capital of an independent kingdom ruled by the Zamorins earned the city the title – “City of the Zamorins”. In respect of the various architectural sculptures located in various parts of the city, it was also given the tag – “City of Sculptures”.

With numerous beaches, shopping centers, and tourist and adventurous destinations, Calicut is considered one of the top cities to live in Kerala. The ongoing real estate boom, along with a reputed builder like Veegaland Homes makes the decision to buy a flat in Kozhikode one of the best decisions you can make in your life.


Why invest in Calicut?

Calicut in the recent past has turned into a popular real estate destination among homebuyers and investment enthusiasts alike. It is undoubtedly the best city in Kerala for people who would like to enjoy the comfort of living in a developing city with the right balance between an increased standard of living and peace of mind. Residential luxury flats in Kozhikode by Veegaland Homes are located at strategic locations in the city offering access to essential services, amenities, and infrastructure.


Quality of life

Calicut has always been considered a great place to live.  Even from early times, it has been thriving – in terms of development and infrastructure, popular for the warmth and affection of the people, and quality of life with less crime rate.


Tourist destination

As a beautiful Malabar coastal town, Calicut is blessed with pristine nature, serene beaches, and amazing and authentic Malabar cuisine. With several tourist spots in and around the city, Calicut is a popular tourist destination not just for Keralites, but for travellers from other parts as well.



Calicut City is a fast-growing city in terms of infrastructure and development. The booming IT hubs, medical establishments, educational institutions, shopping centers, and amenities make it the best decision to purchase a Premium flat in Kozhikode and settle down with your family.


IT Hotspot

After Kochi and Trivandrum, Calicut is an emerging IT hub that is home to two major IT Parks – Cyber Park and the UL CyberPark where several major multinational companies have set up their businesses.



With its strategic placement, Calicut is well-connected with the metropolitan city Bangalore, Port city Mangalore and the heritage city Mysore. It is also well connected by road, rail, and air to other prominent cities of Kerala – Kochi, Trivandrum, and Kannur.



Rooted in traditions and culture, Calicut is unquestionably one of the safest localities not just in Kerala, but in south India as well. Prominent builders in Calicut have state-of-the-art luxury apartments in Kozhikode that ensure all safety measures to let you live a peaceful life.



The thriving economy of Calicut with the IT and industrial boom is undoubtedly the best place to invest in Kerala right now. The appreciating value of the real estate over time will ensure good returns on your investment and offer you financial security. Purchasing apartments from reputed builders in Kozhikode secures your investments even greater.