Kochi, here’s 8 Tips to stay eco-friendly this holiday season!

Kochi, here’s 8 Tips to stay eco-friendly this holiday season!

Holidays tend to make us less conscious; we let go of our strict daily life routines and policies during a holiday. Maybe it’s time for us those who live in Kochi to rethink about the way we celebrate holidays; can the city afford to have the amount of plastic waste, pollution and generally the extravaganza of items each household buys and leaves unused? Kochi hosts a wide array of celebrations during Christmas and prior to New Year as well. As residents of apartments in Kochi, we’ve already grown green conscious in many aspects, let’s extend those initiatives a little farther to stay eco-friendly this season and take charge of our planet.

Stay green conscious this season. We can’t leave Nature at the bay and later come back and carry it on the shoulders again. Before the celebration, let’s remind ourselves a few points to remain waste sober. Stay Green during the holidays with these amazing tips for you and your family: 

1. Christmas! You're buying a lot, and you're likely to visit the grocery store more often. As usual, you're going to bring home a lot of plastic carry bags. Carry a cloth bag each time you visit the nearby grocery store. If you forget, keep a couple of them in your car or scooter. Let's use a bicycle if possible for shorter visits.
2. Gifts are gestures of thoughtfulness. So you can spend on practical gifts that cultivate a habit of being environment-friendly such as indoor plants, DIY kits or Gifts that are recycled.
3. This time of the year calls for gifts and decors. DIY (Do It Yourself) your gifts. This will be more personal and unique; also helps cut the usage of plastic and works out your creative muscle. We can use paper wraps and ribbons from fabrics instead of plastic and glossy shining materials to decorate the gifts.
4. You can reduce the size of display lights or invest enough to power your lights with a solar-powered source. A great holiday investment or maybe it’s time you think of it.
5. You need trees, small and big ones to decorate on. Restrain from buying a plastic plant, instead choose a live one. Go for a live plant that is more real and sustainable even after the holidays. A small investment with a high happiness ROI.
6. Encourage your children to make homemade Gift cards and find environment-friendly wraps to wrap them. Kids can be a handful during the holidays and we know it. Parents engage them with battery-powered toys and gadgets normally. So this time gift them board games or hazard-free gadgets that don’t require a battery or any energy source.
7. Obviously, see If you can get away with not using firecrackers. Harmful to your air quality and terrible for other living beings, firecrackers we love are, unfortunately, no longer a viable way of celebrating the festivals.
8. Finally as a thanks note for reading, remember the greatest gift of the Holidays is the gift of service. It’s time to avoid wasting food and money and serve the needy. With your friends and family coming home we love to serve them the best food possible. But remember once the whole fiesta is over, the leftover shouldn’t harm your environment.
9. A large amount of waste is produced during this time. Be it in the shape of leftover food or other garbage materials. We need to find alternatives, rather than sending all these to landfills, to dispose of them. Bio bins and ways to recycle the waste would be a great way to deal with it.

You could either say relax and no commitments or say preserve for a beautiful future ahead. Let’s stand together and work for a nature-filled environment and turn each of our household into Eco-friendly homes in Kerala.

We, at Veegaland apartments in Kochi, celebrate our commitment to nature and sustainable home solutions throughout the year by integrating eco-friendly practices such as solar powered common area lighting, porotherm brick construction, well recharging, bio bin, balcony gardens and more. Learn more about our ecofriendly practices. We strive to add eco-friendly practices to all our projects; take a look at our upcoming projects, join a movement.
Merry Christmas and New Year!

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