7 bedroom decor ideas to make your bedroom more luxurious

7 bedroom decor ideas to make your bedroom more luxurious

Being one of the most personal spaces in your home, the bedroom deserves all the attention and care so that it can help you relax and recharge.  For the same reasons, it’s not a room or space that should be left bare or under-decorated. 
Upgrading your bedroom to create a luxurious retreat isn’t that expensive as you might have thought of and there are several ways and tricks through which you can have that super-luxe bedroom as your ideal comfort zone. 
These are 7 bedroom decor ideas to make your bedroom more luxurious:

1. Add Wallpaper 

Wallpapers can place a major role in bedroom interior design. Wallpapers are budget-friendly alternatives to add more color and charm to your bedrooms and create a different atmosphere and ambiance altogether. The progress in new printing techniques and finishes has been seen as bringing constant upgrades in design and styles, making them the perfect options to give decorate your interiors in a cost-effective way.
From visually correcting wall deformations to completely changing the dimension of the bedroom there are plenty of wallpaper design trends to choose from like: Mural, florals, textured, tropical, natural materials, retro-style, abstract, etc. One of the important bedroom decor ideas we need to consider is choosing a suitable wallpaper for your room that correlates with the theme

2. Light it up 

Lighting is one of the key elements in bedroom interior design which helps to create a welcoming and positive environment enhancing the aesthetical value of the space. A very well set-up lighting condition for your bedroom can influence the space perception, ambiance, mood of the people. 
With bedroom lighting demanding the primary quality to make the inhabitants feel relaxed, calm, and peaceful, you should not make a compromise on the light choices as one bad choice can ruin your sleep and calm. LEDs or bulbs having a warmer color temperature (2,200K-2,700K) are ideal in creating a cozy and relaxing atmosphere and therefore avoid cooler/daylight color temperatures that can make it harder to fall asleep.

3. Use mirrors 

Mirrors are an unavoidable part of bedroom interior design, and with their versatility in enhancing an interior’s appeal, they are extensively used to illuminate a space, adding depth and emphasis to color, and reflecting sights to create a different look. 
A bedroom is a space that can use the different strategical placement of mirrors like the mirror walls, wardrobe panels, and mirrored furniture. They can help in creating a balanced look for your bedroom and are the ideal upgrading options if your rooms are small and need to look more spacious.

4. Place a headboard

Having a headboard in the bedroom can be the main focal point of the setting that can draw attention to the bed and also contribute to the luxurious feel of the room. With either a noticeable feature, a bold color or texture, or an impressive height, it can stand out and add extra elegance to your bed.
As a barrier between the wall and the edge of the bed, headboards can also protect heads from getting too cold during the night. Apart from enhancing the aesthetic of the bedroom, a stylish headboard can make the entire bedroom look and feel cozier and comfortable and contribute to a comfortable sleep.

5. Pick your Pillows  

Pillows are aesthetically pleasing and extremely functional in a bedroom. Using several different pillows can not just incorporate extra warmth and comfort into the bedroom, but they can be used as centerpieces on the bed. With their attractive colors and designs, they can make everything look uniform and complementary. 
Choosing standard pillows like Euro pillows and high-end fabrics like silk, faux fur, and velvet can transform your bedroom from an ordinary everyday room to luxurious retreats. Pillows with down insets are known to last for years and never lose their shape.  Buying pillow covers is also a nice option and you can change them as often as you like.

6. Add blankets 

Complete the new look of your bed by adding texture with a stylish plush blanket or throw blanket that can bring some warmth at night and also dress up the style of the bedroom. Make sure that the blanket you choose also goes well with the headboard and other decor pieces in the room.
Investing in a good throw blanket with perfectly arranged layers is an essential element regardless of the season, as you’ll have different layers to keep or throw from thin to thick, depending on the seasons. Along with pillows, nicely layered blankets can also take the focus of the bed and make a statement in your bedroom.

7. Display art 

Adding display art like sculptures, framed photographs, painting, and some other pieces of artwork can show off some style in your bedroom. Displaying such one statement piece over the bedhead can bring maximum impact on the otherwise bare-walled bedrooms.
Apart from being a display piece, artworks can also reflect the personalities of a home’s occupants and make them feel warm and cozy. Getting rid of the conventions and choosing to stand, prop, lean or stack artworks can also make things interesting. While choosing art pieces for your bedroom, always makes sure that it goes well with other elements of the room complementing the overall scheme.
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