Top 7 benefits of choosing an apartment with integrated solar system

Top 7 benefits of choosing an apartment with integrated solar system

We live in a world that needs electricity for almost everything. From home appliances and devices to businesses and companies, electricity is inevitable for a smooth and efficient functioning. Therefore, it’s demand has never been higher than before, so is it’s cost.
Among all of the natural sources of energy available on earth, sunlight is the most abundant and solar power is the perfect alternative source of energy which is capable of producing heat and generating electricity.
With the adoption rate of solar energy into flats and apartments accelerating in India, Veegaland Homes, one of the most trusted eco-friendly builders are here to give you more insights on the top 7 benefits of choosing an apartment with integrated solar system:

1. Save on common area utility bills

One of the main reasons behind many homeowners' preference to choose an apartment with an integrated solar system is that it can save proportionately on their utility bills. By installing a home solar system in an apartment we can produce an average quantity of electricity and significantly it bring down your common area energy consumption costs. 
It’s quite common to perceive the upfront cost of installing a home solar system as an extravagant expense. However, the long-term savings on your common area bills that you’ll relish post installation will not make you regret your choice. In the case of a homeowner living in an apartment, the solar panel installation cost is not a headache or burden for them.
Veegaland Homes have installed 5KW, 10KW or 15KW (Based on the roof area) grid connected solar systems to provide UPS backup for lights in lobbies and reduce the common area electricity charges. It will help the homeowner to reducing monthly common area maintenance charges

2. Less impact to the Environment

As the traditional power sources such as coal, oil, and natural gas are responsible for the greenhouse gases and various environmental pollution that create major health hazards, utilizing the solar energy to power your home is undoubtedly a sustainable choice for the environment.
By installing a solar system in your home or choosing an apartment with a solar system, you’ll be taking eco-friendly efforts to make your living space more energy efficient and thereby contributing to the wellbeing of yourself and the environment. 

3. Low maintenance costs 

Another false belief prevalent amidst people regarding the solar system is that it’s tough to maintain. Whereas in reality, it’s easy to maintain and with the solar panels being very durable, it will even take several years before requiring any sorts of maintenance, which makes it a hassle free set-up for homeowners.
Although, after installing a solar system at your home, you will have to wash off the dust and dirt from the solar panels a few times every year, which is the only sort of maintenance that’s required. Professional services can also be availed for the same.

4. Availability of rebates and incentives 

With several governments and agencies promoting solar energy as a means of reducing carbon footprint, the stamp duty on installing a home solar system can be reduced considerably (even upto 50%), depending on where you live. 
Learn about the various aspects of solar energy and find out the various services available next to your location. Consulting a professional solar service person in your area, who can guide you through the necessary options and process will also be helpful.

5. Increase home value 

Apart from saving on your energy bills, installing solar systems in your home can also increase the value of your property in the future, when you’re thinking of selling it, making the investment on a home solar system definitely worth it. 
As people have become more conscious about sustainability and energy efficiency, a house with a pre-installed solar system will definitely attract homebuyers and can be easily sold also.


6. Reliable energy source 

Once you have installed a home solar system and are generating your own electricity through the solar panels installed on your roof, you no longer have to rely on traditional power sources of electricity which are oftentimes unreliable. 
With the major share of the electricity that we consume today coming from various non-renewable sources of energy, which are limited and even expected to become depleted in the near future, the decision to use solar energy can pay off well as it will never run out as long as the sun is there to shine.

7. Easy installation 

Installing a home solar system is easy and simple, and along with the possibility of being installed almost anywhere, it's a flexible and adaptable source of energy. Instead of installing a large system, one can also start with a small-scale home solar system initially, and then upgrade later according to their budget.
Veegaland apartments are designed and developed by eco-friendly means. Learn more on our projects at: https://

December 06, 2021 Ajeesh Jose - Content Manager


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