Indoor plants in Apartments: Everything You Need to Know

Indoor plants in Apartments: Everything You Need to Know

Every room in a household has a story to tell. The rooms in your home witness each step you take and these rooms help you get your innermost happiness and always stand by your side. So what are you giving back to the rooms that are always there for you? The perfect gift for your rooms is a gift of nature. It’s not a mammoth investment or task to accomplish; all you need to do is ideate how to garnish your room with the right plant in it.

Veegaland Homes appreciate this effort and back you with the right amount of Greenspiration. That’s why, through this blog, we help you choose the best indoor plants for your home. We point out the benefits of indoor plants, suitable indoor plants for Kochi and the best indoor plants to choose from. There are many apartments in Kochi where the family follows a strict resolution in planting and maintaining nature at its best. These days parents and their kids are aware of the situation on earth and they tend to preserve the resources. One major step in preservation is, of course, fostering trees and plants.

Being the residents of flats in Kochi, there may not be enough space available outside to grow plants of your liking. But inside your flat, you can consider planting an indoor plant. There are different varieties from which you can choose your favorite. It can be an air-purifying indoor plant or an indoor hanging plant or a leafy indoor plant. All these hold the power of radiating positivity, and while some having medicinal values.

How to create a plant-loving home?

Atmosphere: Firstly, the atmosphere should be suitable for the plant to grow. The place should be lighted, have enough air passing points, other life-essential factors. Once you start noticing this you can see your houseplant grows harmoniously alongside you.

Diversity: The vital concept to transform your home into an “urban jungle” is to reflect upon nature in its finest form. This can be achieved by planting diverse species of plants in different sizes, forms, and colors.

Variety is essential: Like in nature, variety is the key while designing your interior with indoor plants. You can purchase a bigger plant that goes on the floor and mix it up with comparatively smaller ones.

Display Differently: Apart from simply leaving the plants on the floor in a pot, you can use stands or rope hangers for the plant’s display.

Make it Personal: Don’t jump into conclusions. Plants should be a personal reflection of you, so you need to try different things until you find the right choice. This ranges from the type of plant, the display of the plant and even the type of pot you want the plant to grow in. If you have old teacups or glass jars, you can fill it with essential soil and use it for planting.

Finding low maintained indoor plants in an Urban neighborhood like Kochi is very easy these days. There are several shops opened in the prime locations of Kochi, which leads to the green revolution. Most of the shops are filled with serene beauty inside and once when you step to these shops, you’ll find it peaceful to stay close to nature. Most of the common indoor plants are air purifying plants, this helps for better air supply inside the house and filter out harmful toxicants in the air, thus making it suitable for you to respire.  

Many households in Kochi are slowly evolving into offices. The Work-from-home culture has settled into both the youth and adults. The concept of Garden offices, which you can build inside your four-wall will be highly productive and makes fruitful output in your professional life. This way you can own a private green space to work from. Listed below are 5 plants which you can surround yourself within your Home Office:






Watering Indoor Plants

Maintaining most of the common indoor plants require basic natural elements like water, air, and light. There are indoor water plants that require only less amount of water. Watering the plants is important, just like the method through which it is watered. Watering from below is the best. This way there is no concern about draining the nutrients out, plus you can be sure that the water does get to the roots. There are 3 commonly followed techniques to water your plant from below:

  • Use a saucer: You can keep the pot in a saucer and fill the saucer with water when it needs. The pot will soak the water in and you can continue filling up the saucer on a required basis. It helps to maintain humidity and keeps the nutrients.

  • Soak the Plant: Using a tray or a large container, you can soak the plant. Fill the container with few centimeters of water and allow the plant to absorb. By following this method you can water plants simultaneously.

  • Self-watering Pots: Self-watering pots are incredibly useful and preserving as well. A time-saving method, the plant takes as much water as it wants. This way there is no chance for over-watering or under-watering. 

Here are a few Resilient House Plants you can try out: 


Indoor gardening is an art of keeping a part of nature closer to your soul. It’s all about doing our bit for a safer greener future. Veegaland homes as a build in Kochi, Kerala, always appreciate the green initiatives. Green Cloud, Apartment in Kochi by Veegaland homes is one of the best example for this. Escape your concrete jungle by popping into one of the indoor plant stores and make the experience of being a plant parent. Walk a green talk with Veegaland homes for your better living.

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