How to take a vacation from your home this Pandemic season?

How to take a vacation from your home this Pandemic season?

With the ongoing pandemic blurring the lines between work and home for many of us, the unlifted restrictions still continue to hamper the traditional distinction between work time and vacation time, creating a lack of clarity. 
At the same time, it’s also important to find opportunities to “get-away” from the constraints of our daily routines and the potential stress associated with it. With our homes continuing to change forms as offices, day-care centers, schools, and gyms, the necessity of having some fun and relaxation at the very same space is of extreme importance.
With “staycation” being the idea of doing all the things you would have done on a trip to somewhere,  in the comforts of your very own home, let’s take a look at some staycation ideas that can make your home feel like home again:

1. Movie night

To work this out, all you need is a proper set-up. A projector, a media player (DVD player or laptop or media streaming apps on your phone), speakers, and a screen (a white bedsheet or a wall or door would also do) are the basic requirements.
You can watch a movie of your or your loved one’s choice from the comforts of your couch. A bowl of popcorn to snack or a glass of wine can be the add-ons.  Rather than the usual Netflix binge-watch, you can also enjoy a movie marathon- where the movies you pick-up would be based on a theme or the other way around.

2. Pitch a tent 

Although you might not be able to go camping in the great outdoors, along with your loved ones, you can spend a great evening under the stars in the safety of your backyard or even rooftop (along with the safety precautions). Some bits of s’mores and a mix of fruits and pancakes can be the perfect add-ons. A campfire can also make things feel great.
As the most affordable staycation idea, all you need to do this is the camping gear and in case you don’t have one, you can borrow it from a neighbor or a friend. In case if it’s practically impossible to do this in the outdoors, you can set up a tent in the indoors and listen to various natural sound effects on youtube such as of the crickets or other animals.

3. Taste the world 

If you and your family love the cuisine, your kitchen can become a dining destination, where you can cook recipes taking inspiration from any part of the world. The web world and Youtube can help in enhancing your cooking skills.
As food never failing to bring people together, you can cook according to each one of your family members’ individual preferences. Planning out your meal and having fun together making it can definitely be worth the efforts. Beverages and desserts can be the perfect add-ons.  

4. Health is wealth 

With health and wellness being the priority of the time, it’s of utmost significance to find your inner balance. Getting engaged in yoga and other forms of physical exercise could make you feel grounded. 
You can work out or do yoga in the comforts of your living room, out in the back patio, or even in your lawn. Trying out a new exercise app and employing other tools could also bring consistency to your workouts.

5. Hobby time 

Living within the comforts of your home, you and your family members can discover new talents and interests among yourselves and nurture it. It can be anything from drawing to sculpting to singing and dancing. 
With our lives being too much technology-driven,  having your own personal youtube channel, and coming up with content that can showcase your talents can also be a cool idea.

6. Virtual family visit 

With the changed times making it difficult to connect with your distant relatives and family, using new-age chat applications (Zoom, Skype, and WhatsApp), you can host a digital family reunion and socialize ignoring the distance.
Virtual chats are better than phone calls because, miles apart, you can hear and see your family and feel connected to each other.

7. Game-day 

Getting rid of your daily routines and immersing yourself along with your loved ones in a whole day of games or one game a day for a week can help to keep the fun in your life. It can be anything and everything between board games to card games to new-age video games and PSP.
Forming a team and playing the games can add on to the fun and can also help in bonding with your family members.
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