Beyond beauty, how do plants help life in apartments?

Beyond beauty, how do plants help life in apartments?

Living in close association with nature is connected to positive mental wellness and urban living environments have constantly shown negative impacts on the same. With the passage of time, we humans are dynamically moving away from nature, and without any doubt, it isn’t doing any good for our health. That’s where plants and their unmatched significance come into play.
Plants; provided that they are well maintained and taken care of, undoubtedly add to the overall appeal of your apartment (indoor or outdoor). But plants also have a lot more to offer than mere visual beauty or aesthetic appeal. Let’s have a look at the benefits of plants & the studies based on the green wall's heat depletion capability


Benefits of plants

  • Survival

Plants are a vital part of the survival of human beings. They offer food, timber, medicine, and the most significant: the process of purifying the air and transforming it into clean oxygen.
Indoor plants are known to produce oxygen by cleaning the indoor air and absorbing toxins and thereby increasing humidity.

  • The happiness quotient

Flowering plants are capable of providing elevated levels of happiness to individuals and they are also known to significantly lower one’s stress levels.

  • Memory retention and concentration

Living spaces with indoor plants have also proven to increase memory retention and concentration levels among individuals. This is one of the benefits of plants which

  • Therapeutic Stress Buster

Plants and gardening are proven to be helpful for individuals experiencing the symptoms of any mental illnesses (depression, anxiety, dementia, and other conditions). They are also capable of reducing noise levels and adding life to a sterile ambiance.

  • Recovery

Plants and flowers are also studied to have the potential in boosting healing and pain tolerance in patients thereby speeding their recovery from illness, injury, or surgery. Plants can also help individuals to recover from fatigue, sore throats, and colds.


 “Green walls are now reviewed to be capable of lowering heat depletion from buildings, remarkably.” 

Through a new study conducted by the University of Plymouth, globally renowned for its research into sustainable building practices, researchers have now found out that retrofitting cavity walled buildings with green plants can lower the amount of heat loss by over 30%.
The study which had taken place in a pre-1970s building on the university campus for five weeks, compared how effectively the two sections of the building’s walls retained heat and found that the amount of heat depletion through the wall assembled with the green plants was 31.4% less than via the original structure.
Owing to large heating requirements,  17% of the UK's greenhouse gas emissions are from buildings and the government is under pressure to cut down the emissions by improving energy efficiency and switching to low-carbon heating mechanics. 
These new findings, therefore, have scope for practical applications not only among individual users but also for wide-scale adoption, which could bring a significant and positive contribution to the world's efforts to tackle the climate crisis. 
‘Green Clouds’, an eco-friendly apartment in Vazhakkala, Kochi designed and developed by Veegaland Homes can also be viewed in this regard. Meticulously detailed and designed, Green Clouds apartments have peripheral gardens in all verandahs, signifying its name.


Veegaland Homes - Eco-friendly builder in Kerala

Growing as a successful eco-friendly builder in Kerala, Veegaland Homes has gained more recognition over the last years for our constant innovative efforts in designing and constructing living spaces reducing the environmental footprint. 
Our eco-friendly and sustainable living spaces are designed and developed to offer a healthy environment for home buyers and their loved ones with low maintenance or operation cost. 
Veegaland Homes’ flats and apartments in Kerala as a result of eminent eco-friendly efforts have:

  • Solar-powered common area (Renewable energy)

  • Rainwater harvesting (Zero wastage of rainwater)

  • Porotherm bricks (Natural thermal protection and safety)

  • Bio-bin and Incinerator

  • Landscaped garden

  • Space for gardening (Indoor, terrace, or balcony)

  •  Air or light well

A natural environment provides the cleanest and safest place for humans to live as the oxygen generated by trees and plants cleanses the air, absorbs carbon dioxide, and supplies the oxygen required for all living organisms.
With the importance of National Pollution Control Day observed on December 2nd every year, and the increasing rate of air pollution posing serious health hazards for humans, the significance of plants to help combat the harmful effects of air pollution and purify the air around our living environment is substantial.
To know more about Veegaland Home’s eco-friendly efforts, visit: Eco-Friendly Apartments: How This Buzzword Functions At Veegaland Apartments
To Know more about upcoming and ongoing apartment projects, visit: Veegaland Homes 

December 08, 2021 Kurian Thomas - Assistant General Manager - Sales & Marketing


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