Illuminating ideas to light-up your new home

Illuminating ideas to light-up your new home

Choosing the perfect lighting decoration for home has the capability of illuminating your tastes, needs, identity, and lifestyle. After all, being the most important characteristic of creating a first impression, it’s the lighting choices you go for, that makes all the difference in your new home’s ambiance.
To explore the varied ways different lighting can illuminate your new home, we have listed some home lighting design ideas which you can utilize for a stylized home.
Common lighting 
The five most common types of lightings we have in our homes are:

  • Natural Day Lighting
  • General lighting
  • Spot lighting 
  • Ambient lighting
  • Decorative lighting
Having a good combination of all these depending on the styles that suit your home interior, we can create a beautiful environment in our home. 

1. Natural Day Lighting  

There’s no alternative for Natural day light. One of the most important parameters to own a home would be its ability to light itself by letting the natural light in. The design, placement of doors, number of windows, glass walls and spacious interiors all contribute to naturally well lit homes.
If your home is already not well lit, naturally, there are options to add additional windows or glass walls. If you don’t have such provisions, choose alternate lighting options.


2. General Lighting 

The ideal way to light up any house is through natural and artificial light. With the availability of natural light during the daytime, there is no need for artificial lighting and it’s only required post-evening.
The best ways to artificially light up your rooms is to: 

  • Make sure there is an equal distribution of light everywhere

  • Uniform vision should be felt all over

  • Make sure no corner is left dark


3. Spot Lighting 

Spot lighting brings that stylish statement through the light into your home interior. It is used to focus on a specific space or enhance the beauty/detail of a specific object or its characteristics.
As supplementary lighting used to brighten our home interiors, these are usually fixed in the dining room, study table, headboard, reading chairs, media room, etc.


4. Ambient Lighting

Different lights have different capabilities to create varied ambiance in the spaces we want to light up artificially.
With the living room’s necessity to impress and welcome anyone who comes into your room, it demands to be lighted up bring and welcoming with warm positive vibes. Whereas, with the dining room being a space to relax and bond with people over food and beverages, apart from the regular spotlight, a relaxing light helping in creating the perfect atmosphere for people to connect would also be ideal. The lighting in the bedroom needs to be designed thoughtfully so that it can create a serene and calm atmosphere for resting and peaceful sleep.


5. Decorative lighting 

As the name says, these types of lightings are used to decorate the spaces and areas rather than just illuminating them. Lighted-up creatively, these kinds of lighting can make any space feel special and can also be used to create patterns on walls.


Other types of lightings

Natural lighting
Natural light comes with its own charm and characteristics. And while designing your home, create space for natural light and bring it in and make your home brighter and happier. 
Natural lighting is an efficient and economical way to illuminate space and it is always modern and will go along with any trends of home design. 
LED lights
LED lights have opened up a new world of possibilities for home decor. Coming with unimaginable flexibility, you can use these long-illuminated ribbons anywhere, plus if they are battery-operated, it’s more convenient.
Popular for its durability, LED bulbs give off a warm, white light, cool to touch, and are as efficient as energy-saving bulbs.
Smart Lighting
A smart lighting system allows you to control individual or multiple light units through smartphones, smartwatches, voice assistance devices, etc. Considered as a fundamental smart home essential these days, they come in a wide range of customizable colors and are also easy to install.
In addition to the convenience factor, these lighting options can also save you a significant amount of money on your electricity bills by setting up schedules to make it operate according to your needs.
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