The Curtain Talk: perfect curtains to welcome the summer light!

The Curtain Talk: perfect curtains to welcome the summer light!

During the season of summer, we all prefer things to be more light and subtle. The same applies to home décor and window treatment, as well. The summer light and heat are on the verge to arrive here in Kochi and as soon as it begins, it’s better to get rid of the thick drapes and move to something more elegant and light. One such summer activity, which you can do before the season, is bringing home the sheer variety of drapes and curtains.

Curtains are the perfect companion for any apartments in Kochi. Not just for the apartments, but for houses constructed with traditional and modern themes. They add aesthetic value; also, make sure of privacy and light. Most of the flats in Kochi have blinds to cover the windows. Then again, curtains and drapes blend well with these blinds. More than being a beauty option, curtains make your windows project a unique style statement.

The mornings of Kochi are getting warmer and warmer but the gentle breeze flowing in the air at night fills each resident with happiness for sure. If you are looking for a better way to enhance this summer feeling, let’s try something different now. You can welcome a bright and airy interior with exclusive summer curtains. Here are some of the factors you should consider before bringing home a soft and delicate window décor:

Lining on the Curtain

A common misunderstanding among the mass is the fact that thermal linings on curtains are appropriate only during the winter season. This misconception shall be avoided if you are up for a purchase. The thermal linings help to retain warmth and at the same time during the summer, it will keep the heat out, coming from the sun. You can prefer to go with thermal curtains and install it in the south-facing rooms because during the daytime these rooms can heat up. If the morning sun causes any problem for your sleep, then blackouts or dim curtains would be an ideal choice.

Color of the Curtain

Many people go with lighter colors, which is apt for the summer in a place like Kochi. If the curtain colors are lighter like baby pink or sky blue, then the room will be brighter and airy. You don’t have to add white or other neutral colors to get the summer look going. However, take note of bold colored furniture, because it is important to bring a balance between them and the curtains over the windows.  Otherwise, you’ll have to sit all day in a room that absorbs heat from the outside, making the room hotter.

The Material used for the Curtain

In a range of materials, linen is a popular choice. This is because of its weightless feel and is a natural fiber. Also includes to the list are synthetic-mix choices, which compensate for linen and a good quality product too. They are often more cost-effective.

Consider that you’ve installed the curtains pre-hand, but have no idea about the influences, then read the following to get the gist of it:

Light: If you love your room and want it to be airy, and then give your window, drapes. By trying this you are allowing sunlight to come in and give your room a bright and cheerful mood.  This helps to maintain the space of the room and other things that go inside. Bring home a sheer curtain; it will make the room bright, beautiful and big.

View: You might be the kind of person who adores the view of green or landscape from your room. But you think curtains or drapes hold you from the view? Then buying translucent curtains would fit right on your window. These cover the window, shading the room from excessive sunlight and dust but provide you with a great view while maintaining privacy. If privacy is what matters to you most then blend them with black drapes or blinds. Otherwise, go with the translucent one and feel the freshness of summer all the time.

Privacy: Sheer drapes which are the commonly used hangings allow the flow of light and provide you the outside view. They also help you enjoy your privacy. Though the material is thin enough for the air to flow in and on the other hand it is hard enough to keep you private from any foreign interventions.

High Ceilings & Bigger Rooms: Many apartments and flats in Kochi come with low ceilings and are very compact. But by installing vertical striped curtains, you can make your rooms appear a bit higher and bigger. They create an illusionary effect if hang it from the ceiling reaching till the floor.

Style Statement: Some of the households in Kochi is making curtains a style statement nowadays. This is very common and there’s no wrong in doing that. This is because every room or every house should be a reflection of your true style. If you want to go for a dreamy, romantic and timeless feel, you can buy out themed curtains which should match your mood.

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