The Benefits of Flats with no Common Walls

The Benefits of Flats with no Common Walls

Living in an apartment has become the preferred form of living for those living in major cities across Kerala. There has been a rise in space constraints due to a rise in demand for residential living spaces in Cochin.  The real estate developers and builders have risen to meet this demand by offering a wide variety of apartment and flat buying options for potential flat buyers. But some builders and developers seem to cut a few corners by incorporating some compact designs in flats and apartments which often is against the principles of peaceful living. Due to the increase in demand for flats in Kochi there are less options for privacy in the residential areas. Therefore it is important to select an apartment that does not share common walls with the other flats and apartments.
In this blog we will highlights some of the advantages of living in apartments with no common walls.

A Living Space Free of Noise
You can enjoy a quiet, noise free living with life with the best available no common wall apartments.  These apartments and flats offer residents the gift of living without the noise and cacophony that comes with city living and shared common walls.

Absolute privacy
The absence of common walls which shares and transmits sound from one apartment to another apartment, gives the best privacy for the inhabitants. Privacy can be enjoyed to the utmost in these units. From the blaring TVs to loud chit-chats to crying babies, any potential noise that cause disturbance to the inhabitants is instantly cancelled in these independent structures.

Naturally Illuminated Living Spaces
The modern day apartments have a lot of issues with trying to harness the illuminative properties of natural sources of light. An apartment or flat with no common walls offers its residents better and improved natural lighting conditions.
The main attraction of flats in Cochin that have no common walls is that there are 3 entry points that let in ample amount of sunlight and daylight into the rooms which provides natural illumination through harnessing the daylight in the living space. This creates and increases the warmth and welcoming ambience within the apartment. The residents of flats with no common walls enjoy the benefits of lower electricity and power bills.

Free Flowing Fresh Air
All the three entry points in flats with no common walls ensure that there is an uninterrupted flow of air within the apartment. When fresh air circulates in the house, it has a natural ventilation tendency, which prevents the temperature from soaring inside and also maintains a comfortable, cool and fresh ambience by pushing out the stale air. This design helps take advantage of windy days to and is also an energy-efficient alternative to air conditioners even in the summer.
This also allows in maintaining the temperature within the flat at a normal range and also can stay cool even during the summer seasons. Free flow of air refreshes the space inside each unit and doesn’t allow stale and hot air to be retained inside.

Home is Where the Heart Is
With the flats with no common walls in Cochin, home owners can truly feel what it means to be a part of one’s own home. These lfats allow you to live the individual life in your apartment with your loved ones with utmost privacy.
We at Veegaland Builders offer our client s flats and apartment with no common walls, in order to provide a high quality flat living experience In Cochin

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