Women-Friendly Living Spaces, what are the guarantees and features available?

Women-Friendly Living Spaces, what are the guarantees and features available?

The city of Kochi is always considered a paramount place in women and kid safety. This statement is always cherished by the changing governments and they push forward with schemes and policies to uplift the well being of women. In an ever-growing city like Kochi, where opportunities flourish on a day to day basis, women of all age groups move to this place to build their future. Kochi turning out to become an Information Technology hub with Infopark at Kakkanad and other technology-based working conditions are blossoming with an immense number of opportunities. Many such women are coming from faraway places and even outside of Kerala, always on search of maximizing comfort and convenience in their Living Spaces.
The apartments in Kochi are very friendly in their way of treating teenage girls and grown-up women, in the same manner. There are working mothers in the city too, which makes up the majority of the numbers. These mothers are concerned during their day hours about their children's safety. Both the father and mother might be working late, so they are concerned about the safety of their kids. But in a city like Kochi, there are plenty of options which they can turn to. Apartments in Kochi can be ideal destinations for independent women. Also, these apartments have facilities that come with children play areas and parks along with scope for indoor games and entertainment. 
It is often friendly to live in a fast-growing metro city like Kochi. Again, some measures can be considered while on the go. Living as an independent woman is challenging but it is not outlined as impossible, here are few tips to ensure your safety and enhance peace of mind:

  • You can find a safe rental/own accommodation in a respectable neighborhood and housing society. Veegaland Homes situates in the heart region of Kochi comes with good safety measures.

  • Learn self-defense lessons: Not a necessity, but a confidence booster.

  • Use safety mobile apps and keep emergency numbers ready. If you are staying in your apartment alone, emergencies can be dealt by keeping important numbers handy. 

  • Being prepared for an emergency shows up in your outlook and attitude; self defense tools  such as pepper spray can also keep your outlook confident and keep you out of being a target for any foulplay when traveling late.

  • Act wisely while dealing with vegetable vendors, milkmen, electricians, and other household help. The majority of the flats in Kochi has a 24-hour security system and security personnel always ready to help.

Living independently calls for your identity, your management skills and also makes you stand out from the rest of the crowd. This is mainly because you can have a place called home, which represents who you are in the inside and the outside. During the time of construction itself, most of the flats in Kochi or apartments in Kochi can be customized under your liking. By approaching a reliable builder in Kochi, you can witness this happening. Most of Veegaland Homes apartment buildings are customized according to the likings of our customers. While buying an apartment, the majority of women in the household that approaches Veegaland Homes have a specific outlook on how their apartment should be and we accommodate all their ideas and put them into practice.
In the case of women who are living single in Kochi might find moving in and packing up processes a bit hard. The advantage of living in a metro city is the availability of products and other requirements that you need to have while moving into a new apartment. Take these tips into consideration:

  • Make the best use of packing and moving companies. This might go off the chart from your budget, but the process is less hectic and more compatible. 

  • Use cartons and boxes to arrange and organize your dresses, kitchen utensils, and other useful materials

  • You can make the packing up process a memorable occasion with your friends. You can invite them over and they’ll help you pack and arrange.

  • You can apply the same while moving into your new apartment. Your friends help you organize and you can throw in a thanking-party to rejoice. 

  • Always approach your new neighbors. You are going to live in a new apartment and your next-door neighbor is always there to help. Veegaland Homes promote healthy associations in our projects.

Looking forward to living on this planet as women are challenging but in a way a celebratory process. Owning a home in your name is a huge accomplishment. In Veegaland Homes, we stand with women and their desire to achieve the best. That’s why every amenities that we provide are women-friendly. One good example to point out here is the lift/elevator facility that's faster and with options such wrong press correction. Even the lift goes up and down considerably fast and thus no wastage of time to get to your dream place. Packed with all the possible security features, women or girls who come late after work are guaranteed a smooth ride to their respective homes. Not just the elevator system but all the other amenities are provided with great features and women-friendly customization. After all, we know how important the life of every woman who lives in our place and we know what to provide them to have the best existence possible. 

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