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10 etiquettes you should follow in apartment gyms

Veegaland | April 26, 2023
10 etiquettes you should follow in apartment gyms<

One of the outstanding advantages of living in apartments is the availability and easy access to a community gym. For a small fee or in some cases no-fee-at-all, you will have the benefit of instant access to various types of equipment under the guidance of a professional trainer. 

If you’re fortunate to have an apartment/community gym, you won’t be required to leave the building or the apartment compound, no longer required to have strangers as your gym mates, and forced to make unwanted conversations with them. 

However, just like any other gym, your apartment or community gym will also have certain rules put together on the notice board or wall, which are meant for everyone to follow.

Veegaland Homes, one of the most reliable builders in Kerala have various apartments for sale in Kochi, through this blog will be discussing 10 rules you should follow in apartment gyms. Let us go through each:


  • Dress appropriately

Choosing the right workout gear is equally important as choosing the right fitness machine for your workouts. The right workout gear will neither be that tight to hamper your circulation making breathing difficult nor so loose to hamper your workout speed. 

How you wish to dress is nobody else’s business, except for turning up naked in a public space. This is the main rule you should follow in apartment gyms.


  • Have dedicated shoes for your workouts

Wearing appropriate athletic shoes (not street shoes or casuals) can improve your ankles and will stabilize your workouts.  Maintaining a dedicated shoe just for your gym workout can prevent you from bringing outdoor slush and dirt into the gym which can have an effect on hygiene.


  • Take care of your smell and sweat

With people coming to sweat it out, the gym – its machines and its environment will only stay hygienic as long as the members ensure their individual hygiene. Make sure you smell good (but not drowning in cologne or perfume), and make it a habit to cover the machine or equipment you are using with a towel and wipe it after your workout. 


  • Stay away if you’re sick

If you’re sick or feel like you’re unwell, it is always better to take the day off from going to a gym. Turning up sick at a gym could affect the health and hygiene of other members and also the overall environment of a fitness center.


  • Don’t eat and drink in the gym

An apartment gym is undoubtedly designated to be a space for fitness and not a space to eat. Other than the obvious exceptions like water, sports drink or protein shake, or power bars (which should be consumed from a non-workout zone), you should never consider it as a space to have your meal.


  • Carry a towel and other essential accessories

Carrying your own towel has become more than a necessity since the pandemic. Ideally, an individual should at least have two towels – one for using it as a barrier on the machine or equipment they are using and the other to use to wipe off sweat. Hand gloves, socks, and headbands are additional accessories.


  • Be mindful of your surroundings

An apartment gym or any fitness center for that matter could be a dangerous environment if you’re not alert. Especially during busy hours of the day, you have to be super-mindful of the other members and check your paths or space every now and then before doing exercise with weights or equipment and moving around carrying them. 


  • Don’t bring any guests

If your apartment gym has posted any strict rules regarding bringing guests, follow them. If there is a system that allows buying single-day passes for guests, you can avail of it also. However, as an apartment gym is meant for its residents, it would be ideal if you and your family members are the only individuals who make use of it.


  • Do not interfere in other people’s training

If the equipment or machine you’re intending to train on isn’t available, never stand near the person who’s already training on it expecting them to get down for you. The basic rule at a gym or a fitness center would be not to interfere in other people’s training.


  • Don’t bogart the equipment

Using one particular piece of equipment or machine for longer than necessary – especially when there are other people waiting to use – it is a rude gesture. Being a resident of an apartment, every individual residing in that particular apartment has the right to train at the apartment gym and no one individual cannot monopolize the equipment or the space. These are the main rules you should follow in apartment gyms


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