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Transform your apartment balcony into a serene retreat

Veegaland Homes | March 22, 2024
Transform your apartment balcony into a serene retreat<

An apartment with a small or large balcony is an absolute necessity for today’s aspiring homebuyers. However, simply maintaining it the way that it was handed over doesn’t do justice to the potential of that space.

Veegaland Homes, the prominent builders of Kerala that design and build contemporary luxury apartments has prepared this blog to help you transform your apartment balcony into a serene retreat. Read on to gain insights to craft the perfect spot to unwind within the comforts of your home.

1) Assess the space

Be it a small or large balcony – assessing the space and layout of your balcony thoroughly before embarking on the aesthetic makeover is critical.

You can start by measuring the dimensions of the balcony and then determine the availability of space for furniture and other elements you wish to incorporate. You should also take note of the asymmetries or obstacles that may affect the layout.

2) Have a plan

Having a plan prepared before starting to innovate your balcony helps you to create a balcony that truly fulfills your purpose and aesthetics.

Define your expectations out of the space, or how you wish to utilize the space, and then list out the must-have features or elements it should comprise. Also, explore contemporary design styles and themes and choose one according to your tastes.

3) Balcony decor

Be it a small urban balcony or a large one with spectacular views – along with the right balcony decor you can craft the perfect spot to chill with family or friends, connect with nature, or have some quality personal time.

Cozy seating options such as chairs with soft cushions or loungers would be the heart of your balcony. Additional decorative elements such as artworks, sculptures, or decorative pillows can also be incorporated to create a sense of joy and comfort.

4) Choose the greenery

At Veegaland Homes, integrating greenery along with our architectural design is an indispensable part of our construction methodology. We believe that it is an essential aspect that helps to create a serene ambiance.

Consider the orientation of your balcony – which is important in ensuring an adequate amount of sunlight, you can choose the plants of your preferences.

5) Enhance privacy & shade

Taking into consideration your balcony’s location and layout, if it’s necessary – you can enhance the privacy through accessories such as outdoor curtains, bamboo blinds, tall plants, etc.

For protection from the sun or to create a comfortable shade, you can integrate retractable patio awnings and chic patio umbrellas during hot summer days.

6) Adding lighting ambiance

Balcony decor shouldn’t wind up with elements that are only limited to daytime – you should incorporate attributes that extend the overall vibe of the space to evenings and nights with creative lighting and accessories.

You could choose from a wide range of options such as fairy lights, lanterns, paper lanterns, string lights, etc, and fix or hang them over different areas according to your aesthetic choices. Transform your apartment balcony into a serene retreat.Veegaland Homes offers luxurious flats in Kochi, redefining modern living with elegance and comfort.

7) Utilizing multi-functional storage

If you’re actively utilizing the balcony for a variety of purposes, then you should also consider adding multi-functional storage that could add to the aesthetic appeal of the space.

Weather-resistant cabinets, shelves, stylish benches with storage spaces, etc can be incorporated for storing accessories such as outdoor cushions, gardening tools, etc.

8) A bit of personalization

A balcony is undoubtedly an integral part of your home and it should therefore in all senses manifest a reflection of your personality and lifestyle.

You could think of incorporating any accessory – be it something trivial for others, but of extreme importance to you or your family, aesthetic elements that give the space a feeling of extension from the main living space, etc.

Hooray! Now you’ve been enlightened about a variety of ways through which you can transform your apartment balcony into a serene retreat. Best wishes for the makeover you’re aspiring for.

Veegaland Homes – the Eco-friendly builders in Kerala, design and develop luxury apartments in Kerala with spacious balconies as an integral element. For more information on our newly launched and upcoming luxury apartment projects, visit:

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