5 DIY Smart Home Ideas that can make any home spectacular & unique

5 DIY Smart Home Ideas that can make any home spectacular & unique

The transformation of homes into something more humane, with the capability of interacting with its inhabitants is no more a concept of fantasy. The dream has become a reality at an unimagined pace and it’s not the future; but the present that is the amazing time of intelligent and intuitive smart home ideas.
Modern devices that allow users to use voice control or wirelessly connect to appliances and much more makes it easier more than ever before to implement smart features in your home without much of an investment. Let’s look at five such DIY smart home ideas that can make any home spectacular.

1. Control the Sunlight

 Undoubtedly, natural light has many benefits associated with it, but having the ability in hand to easily control and play with the shades can help you tackle issues such as solar heat gain, fading of furniture and floors, etc.
Installing remote-control shades, you will have the freedom to control light’s intensity through a remote control, mobile app, or even voice control assistance and can hence get the most from the daylight in your home. They even have the feature of scheduling them to open and close according to your lifestyle preferences. This is one best smart home idea which can make our home more smarter.

 2. Lights on!

 With natural light having it’s unpredictable characteristics, you can always count on artificial lighting which can even make your home smarter and is considered as a fundamental smarthome essential these days. Coming in a wide range of customizable colors, they are also easy to install.
Smart lighting systems allow you to control individual or multiple light fixtures through smartphone, smartwatches, voice assistance devices etc. In addition to the convenience factor, smart lighting options can also save you a significant amount of money on your electricity bills by setting up schedules to make it function.

 3. Control the temperature

 Gone are the days of walking into a cold house as you turned the thermostat down while you had gone out. With smart thermostats, you can now adjust the heat in your rooms  based on occupancy and that too from anywhere in the world and still save a lot of energy and money.
Different new age brands offer various smart thermostats which have many features like the capability to learn your heating and cooling habits, and sensors to determine when you’re home or away thereby automatically functioning to provide you instant comfort.

4. Innovate your kitchen

With smart home ideas which create wonders at your home, your kitchen alone can’t be left out. Smarthome apps and devices can be used to automate many processes in your kitchen such as devices to scan items to your grocery list, read recipes, convert measurements, enable other cooking devices etc.
Other useful smart home products for kitchens include bluetooth-enables slow cookers, high-efficiency faucets, smart refrigerators etc.

 5. Set up the security

 With all kinds of conveniences intelligently addressed by smart home devices, security is not a thing that it makes a compromise on. According to one’s preferences, battery-powered and Wi-Fi-enabled, wireless modern cameras can be installed either indoors or outdoors.
With the ability to monitor your house through your smartphone or other digital devices, you will always know that your home is safe and secure and be at complete peace of mind.  Home Automation Through IoT can change your home more smarter. 
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December 17, 2020 Ajeesh Jose - Content Manager


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