6 Basic things to consider about Doors & Windows while buying an apartment

6 Basic things to consider about Doors & Windows while buying an apartment

Buying an apartment is one of the most crucial decisions in one’s lifetime and it could probably be a dream or wish you would have been nurturing for a long time. As years of saving and planning are put behind that decision, buying an apartment is undoubtedly a purchase of a lifetime.
Although there are many aspects to be taken into consideration while investing in an apartment like the builder, location, price, etc, there are some other important things that aren’t generally given the required significance. Yes, two of them are the “doors” and “windows” of your new apartment.
Therefore, let’s have a look at the 6 Basic things to consider about Doors & Windows while buying an apartment:


A. Things to consider about ‘Doors’ while buying an apartment

1. Quality + Aesthetics

The front door of your apartment is the first thing that anyone who comes to your apartment sees, and for the same reason, it should be a reflection of your home. However, the material with which the door is made up and the quality of the door lock are equally important along with its aesthetic appeal.

2. Convenience

Convenience or functionality is often an under-valued aspect while deciding on the door (exterior and interior) of an apartment. Paying attention to the opening direction of the door (towards the room or the outside), side of the door swing, choosing between a right-hand or left-hand door, etc are important factors for smoother functioning of the doors.

3. Ventilation

Ventilation is undoubtedly important for a healthy living space, and one of the cheapest and effective means to improving the ventilation of your home is by having more doors which along with its calculated positioning can bring in more air and light into the interiors.

4. Strength

No matter the type of door that’s installed, if it isn’t strong enough to provide safety and security to your home, it’s of no use. High-quality and safe anti-burglary doors that also meet the standard safety criteria can make you choose slightly lighter options for the interior front doors.

5. Energy efficiency & insulation

The front doors of your apartment have a substantial role in the energy efficiency of your home. The doors should be a good insulator, meaning, they should be capable of holding the warmth in and keeping the cold away. Compact and properly installed doors can therefore ensure a pleasant living climate inside and also save you money on heating.

6. Warranty

The types and periods of warranties offered for the doors vary from manufactures and installers and it is therefore ideal to ask or check around before making a final call in case that’s a concern for you.


B. Things to consider about ‘Windows’ while buying an apartment

1. Quality + Aesthetics

There is no doubt that the design and frames of windows should complement the overall exterior and interior aesthetics of your apartment. However, the quality of the material of the window frames and its capability to provide durability and proper insulation to your interiors should also be taken into consideration.

2. Acoustic performance

Taking into account the location of your apartment and its general characteristics (busy and noisy or calm and peaceful), ensure that the windows are specifically designed for acoustic performance.  Double glazed uPVC windows are able to cut down noise as much as 70% and give an extra layer of insulation against outside noise.  With its popularity increasing these days, Let's know more about the benefits of uPVC windows & how uPVC windows benfits your apartments in Kochi. Read: How uPVC Windows Benefits Your Apartments In Kochi

3. Energy efficiency

As windows play the predominant role in the temperature variations of your interior, ensure that the windows you have in your apartment are energy efficient. The window’s design, glass type, glazing, and seals are the factors that determine its energy efficiency. Energy-efficient windows also have a real effect on your energy bills.

4. Ventilation

Ventilation is undoubtedly important for a healthy living space, and like doors, windows are another cheap and effective means to improve the ventilation of your home. As the availability of fresh air helps in maintaining the air quality of your home, try to inspect the natural ventilation strategies adopted for your apartment and ensure that it’s sufficient.

5. Security

Windows; irrespective of their design and size, should essentially feel strong enough to provide safety and security to your home. A concealed locking system  (single or multi-point) made up of quality hardware and double glazed laminated glass would make up for adequate security.

6. Warranty

Warranty protection for windows and their various components ensure that they are always protected from unexpected troubles and also offer you long-term support that you can count on. However, as the types and periods of warranties offered can vary from manufactures and installers, it’s always ideal to check around.
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Doors and Windows can speak your style! Yes, that's true.  Know some modern trends in Doors and Windows from.  Read: Buying An Apartment In Kochi? Know These Modern Trends In Doors And Windows

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