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6 Most relevant things to keep in mind while choosing an apartment in Thrissur

admin | February 3, 2023
6 Most relevant things to keep in mind while choosing an apartment in Thrissur<

Thrissur is undoubtedly one of the thriving commercial cities in Kerala, which is currently experiencing a boom in its real estate market.  Along with the fast-expanding infrastructure and growing economy, Thrissur is a city that has a lot of potential to be explored in terms of residential properties and real estate investments.

Being the single biggest purchase of your life,  buy flat in Thrissur can take you through a lot of pressure and a tough decision-making process; especially if you are a first-time home buyer.

You don’t have to panic. Veegaland Homes, the most trusted builders in Kerala has done the ground research for you and gathered the 6 most relevant things to keep in mind while choosing an apartment in Thrissur. Let us have a look at each:


  • Location

Location is beyond a doubt the most important factor to consider while scouting for your new apartment. It’s good to buy flat in Thrissur

Built and functioning within a large round structure, the central part of the city is uniquely connected, which along with the outer roads makes it well-connected with the rest of the town and easy to move around.

Almost all parts of the city are clean, equipped with basic facilities, and constantly developing which makes it easy to find your spot within the town.


  • Value

Along with the selection of a decent neighborhood that is secure, clean, and well-equipped with amenities, the value of your property will naturally increase significantly with the passage of time.

Buy flat in Thrissur location would not only be easy to sell but will also ensure you good returns over time.  It can also earn you an additional stable income in the form of rent if you wish to rent out the property.


  • Design choices

The design of a living space or apartment plays a significant role in ensuring a healthy lifestyle for its residents. A well-designed apartment will assure optimum ventilation, availability of an accurate amount of natural lighting, environmentally friendly elements, and appliances.

Evaluating the needs of your family and the number of bedrooms required, you can also choose from variable sizes of flats such as studio apartments or a 1,2,3BHK apartments.


  • Facilities and amenities

Modern lifestyle demands way more than the essential utilities and this aspect requires to be addressed the most in modern living spaces than anywhere else. Ensuring the apartment you’re choosing offers the amenities you and your family are seeking guarantees the quality of life you will have with your family in the new living space.

Most of the new-age builders such as Veegaland Homes and other prominent developers offer premium apartments with amenities such as a swimming pool, gymnasium, children’s play area, garden, 24/7 security, CCTV cameras, etc without compromising the quality of life of their residents.


  • Maintenance and other charges

Flats and apartments will have several hidden fees such as maintenance fees and resource (electricity, water, etc) charges which even though would only have to be paid occasionally could be excessively high.

Before you finalize a builder and their apartment, it is therefore very important to carefully review such hidden or additional charges and evaluate if it would be within your budget for the apartment or its post-purchase.


  • The builder

Last but not the least, the reputation of the builder or developer the homebuyer associates with is more significant than most home buyers actually think.

Popular developer brands not only have projects in the most prominent areas of the city, but their design and construction quality would also be truly exceptional. These factors would be competent enough to earn the homebuyer a high ROI (Return on Investment).


Veegaland Homes

Introducing the true implementation of construction quality and luxury into its apartments and flats  in Thrissur, Veegaland Homes continues to prove competence in the timely delivery of fine apartments in Thrissur, built with state-of-the-art design and world-class amenities.

Designed and developed with the latest technology to realize exemplary modern living, Veegaland Homes promises its residents a life of quality and standards.

RERA (Real Estate Regulation Authority) approved Veegaland Homes apartments in Thrissur are ready with sample homes capable of offering first-hand experience to interested buyers. To learn more about our ongoing and upcoming flats for sale in Thrissur, please visit:

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