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6 Reasons why apartments in Thrissur are an excellent option for sale

admin | March 24, 2023
6 Reasons why apartments in Thrissur are an excellent option for sale<

Thrissur is without any doubt one of the thriving commercial cities in Kerala. Also acknowledged as the cultural capital of Kerala, the city is currently witnessing a boom in its real estate arena. With its fast-expanding infrastructure and growing economy, the city indeed has a lot of potential to be explored in terms of residential properties and real estate investments.

As a city that has always been synonymous with a vibrant and energetic lifestyle, Thrissur, along with its unique cultural heritage is undoubtedly going to be one of the most desirable cities to live in.

In this background, Veegaland Homes, one of the most reputed builders in Kerala will try to explain through this blog – the 6 Reasons why apartments in Thrissur are an excellent option for sale:


  • Location is an advantage

With a strategic positioning at the exact geographic center of Kerala, Thrissur has excellent connectivity benefits, unlike any other city in Kerala. The city has excellent connectivity by road and rail connecting it with other parts of the state and the country. The neighboring state – Tamil Nadu is located within 100 kilometers of Thrissur.

If you’re someone, whose personal or professional life requires you to travel to either side of the state very often, an apartment in Thrissur would be the best investment of your life.


  • The cultural capital

Famous around the globe for its cultural richness and the ‘land of festivals’ label, Thrissur is home to a variety of religious, cultural, and art festivals and several traditional art forms.

Homeland to the renowned Thrissur Pooram – an annual temple festival, the zestful city literally becomes the ‘center of attraction’ attracting tens of thousands of visitors from all over the world.

If you’re a cultural lover or festival-loving individual, owning an apartment in the cultural capital of Kerala can be considered a matter of pride.


  • Fast-growing IT Hub

With Thrissur being home to one of Kerala’s largest IT hubs, the city has a lot more in contrast to other IT hubs of the state. Unlike other tech cities of Kerala,  Thrissur is a real estate destination currently in its robust phase, with its potential for development and innovative infrastructure yet to be explored.

As a growing commercial center, Thrissur will always have a good demand for real estate properties to buy, rent, or lease. Therefore, if you’re an investor looking for a consistent source of income, Thrissur is undoubtedly the trendiest destination for your investment.



  • Outstanding amenities

Living in an apartment basically enhances the resident’s lifestyle. The different demands regarding the same should be addressed well by the living spaces and neighborhood.

Thrissur being a progressing city with outstanding amenities and infrastructure, has the potential to serve its citizens well and accommodate their varying needs. Through compelling shopping facilities, business centers, multi-specialty hospitals, and prestigious educational institutions, the city has all the facilities to enhance its resident’s lifestyles. This is one of the Reason why apartments in Thrissur are an excellent option for sale


  • Distinguished tourist hub

Contrary to popular perception, Thrissur has a lot more to offer than the Thrissur Pooram festival. There are many less-explored and exotic locations in and around Thrissur which have the potential to be turned into amazing tourist destinations and eco-friendly experiences in the future.

With dams such as Chimmini, Peechi, and Poomala, beaches such as Snehatheeram, Azhikode, and Chavakkad, and waterfalls such as Athirappilly and Marottichal waterfalls, Thrissur offers a great variety of incredible natural wonders that can be reached through a short drive from the city.


  • Assured Return On Investments

As the real estate market of Thrissur is not oversaturated unlike other cities in Kerala, the prospectives and trends of the residential properties are going to be massive and transformational.

As there will be a continued demand for real-estate properties to be bought, rented, or leased, any kind of real estate investment is guaranteed to earn healthy returns. These are the main Reason why apartments in Thrissur are an excellent option for sale


  • Veegaland Homes

Choosing a well-established builder like Veegaland Homes while purchasing a flat or apartment in Thrissur would be one of the decisions that pay off really well and ensure guaranteed returns on your investment.

Veegaland Homes Thejus – a green-oriented, technology-driven apartment at Ayyanthole, and Veegaland Homes Elanza – a masterfully crafted urban living space at Kuriachira are the two apartments in Thrissur that are designed and developed by Veegaland Homes.

To learn more about ongoing and upcoming residential projects in Thrissur, visit:

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