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7 Common mistakes while investing in real estate

Veegaland | November 21, 2022
7 Common mistakes while investing in real estate<

No one can become an expert at anything overnight; real estate investing isn’t any different. Even though you can make money buying and selling properties, it takes a lot more knowledge, determination, and skill to make sure your investment pays off.

However, despite being a popular investment option among people today, it can be often noticed as investors making errors regarding their investments which could undoubtedly have a severe effect on their future income.

And from a learner’s point of view, knowing some of these repeated mistakes most investors make while they are just starting out certainly helps you to avoid them when it’s your time. And for that reason, Veegaland Homes, one of the most Luxury builders in Kerala with various Apartments in Kerala for sale has put together a blog detailing the 7 Common mistakes while investing in real estate:


  • Not having a plan

Buying a property without knowing how it is going to generate income is the last thing you want to do while investing in real estate. Therefore, the first thing to do before making any kind of investment is to create a plan or strategy.

Having a plan or strategy will help you to make decisions when the market sours or your assumptions go wrong. Moreover, it helps to align your purchases with long-term goals; which is really significant in this industry.


  • Rushing the research

With numerous options present before us these days, it only makes sense to look around and compare before making an important or expensive purchase. After all, you need to ensure that the purchase is worth the money you are spending on it.

However, the research that you need to do before purchasing a house must be extremely thorough and careful and should not be rushed through. As the research methodology and the essential questions differ from the type of real estate investor you are, make sure to consider that as well.


  • Doing everything on your own

You should never be overconfident; especially in doing everything on your own in real estate investing. It’s easy to get sidetracked in this industry; especially if you have successfully completed several deals in the past on your own.

As a real estate investor, an individual should therefore get hold of all possible resources at hand and have contact with the experts who could help him/her make the right purchase. Experts include a real estate agent, a home inspector, a handyman, an attorney, and an insurance representative.


  • Forgetting the basics

As a real estate investor, you primarily need to learn about the local market before making purchase decisions. That way you will get to make an informed decision and are more likely to turn a profit. Learning essentially means getting to the grounds and gathering information on land, its values, property values, demand and supply graph, etc.

Going through every piece of paperwork and contract in its entirety and cross checking them and ensuring their legitimacy and validity is another important responsibility a real-estate investor shouldn’t ignore.


  • Getting poor financing

There are many different mortgage options that you can avail of while making a real estate investment. Such loans allow buyers to own certain homes that they otherwise might not be able to afford.

However, you’ll need to consider your options carefully and decide on the type of loan you apply for and how to qualify for the same. You also need to ensure that you have the financial capability or flexibility to repay the money you’ve borrowed plus interest.


  • Overpaying

This mistake is somewhat related to the first and second points we have already discussed. That is; not having a plan and rushing the research are two things that can make the buyer anxious regarding their purchase and consequently make them overbid on the property that they are buying.

Overpaying for a property can have a series of problems: extension and increase in debt, and higher repayments that you may not be able to afford. Such issues can make it quite difficult to recover your investment. To avoid overpaying, Choose and buy apartments in Kerala from the quality builders in Kerala like Veegaland homes.


  • Underestimating expenses

The main objective of investing;(not just in real estate) is to make profits. However, there are instances where people make their investments without calculating the actual costs.

Underestimating the expenses, therefore, means not considering the actual cost of the property and every other expense that comes with it such as Mortgage payment, upkeep costs, repair and renovation costs, insurance, property taxes, etc.

Government fees and registration charges associated with the property should also be considered before you purchase it.  For example, Kerala is developing day by day. Buying  apartments in Kerala is one of the best ways to invest in real estate and getting value for your money.

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