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admin | August 19, 2020

The ongoing global pandemic might have made you stuck indoors in your apartment in Kochi, but if you are a photographer or want to be photographer, once you look around your home, you’ll realize that there are plenty of ways to capture creative frames by being within the comforts of your home.

From trivial objects to the food that you prepare in your kitchen, there are several objects or materials within your home, that have the potential of being an amazing subject and a part of your photoshoot ideas at home. It’s all about looking around and capturing the details as it is or sometimes by adding your personal touch. Let’s have a look at 7 such creative photography ideas at home

1. Trivial objects

Being the space where we live a major part of our lives, any home will have an ample amount of objects and materials that can easily become the subject of your home photography. They can be anything from pen and pencil to bulbs and kitchen tools.

Primarily it’s all about identifying the objects that can make a good subject for your photography and then you can think about composing the frame in a manner that gives beauty and meaning to what you have chosen to capture.

Although it might look trivial, the perspective in which you would be searching for objects and it’s the finest features is identical to a product photographer who uses creative photography ideas & techniques to showcase products in an attractive way as part of advertising.


2. Water drops

Water drops have the quality of looking great when captured in the right way. Timing the shutter accordingly with the movement of the water drop is the key here and you can choose moving water drops from your taps, or the rain droplets or even create one artificially.

Having a tripod to set the camera can give the frame some stabilization and the drop can look sharp. Water splashes can also be a great subject for creative photography and the shutter speed and stabilization is the key there as well.


3. Out of focus images

New-age photography has defined that photographs necessarily don’t have to be focussed to look great and out-of-focus images can also look magical if captured right. From love hearts to stars, a simple cutout filter can transform into amazing background sparkles when lighted and captured as out-of-focus orbs.

Using a wide aperture to maximize the effect and stabilizing the frame is the key here and you can try a lot of different shapes as you progress with your skills.


4. Food

With everyone loving to eat, cooking and eating are life’s sweetest moments. Food items with its promising colors can look great on any capture in spite of the camera model and make. Food photography is one of the main area for those who is searching for creative photoshoot ideas at home.

Mostly shot overhead, you should try to give the food item you are photographing, a quality of it’s own. You can style your food for such purposes and create the composition depending on natural or artificial lighting.


5. Pets

Pet’s with their unpredictability can be difficult to photograph and the ones who like a bit of challenge while taking pictures would definitely love pet photography as the frames you end up with will absolutely be worth your time and efforts.

Pet photography is all about capturing cute or furious moments of your pet, that can attract even the eyes of a non-animal lover. With pets being a significant part of your family, the frames can also be great pieces of memory.


6. Portrait & Lifestyle

Generally, people loving to be photographed, if you are a photographer who loves photographing people, you might not have much difficulty in search of a subject as you can take portraits of your family members or loved ones. In case you live alone and don’t have any willing subjects to photograph, you can even consider self-portraiture.

Lifestyle and portrait photography are more active means of photography and you always have the chance to express yourself and experiment with your frames.


7. Macro photography

If you’re a photographer who loves the finest of details, macro photography might be the perfect genre for you. It’s the form of “extreme close-up photography”, through which small subjects and living organisms are usually shown magnified and larger than life.

Although a set of different categories of lens is required for macro photography, you can come up with decent macro photographs with most of the new-age mobile phones that have an additional macro lens. Or else you can try getting as close as possible to your subject. Focus, composition, and stability are the key factors of macro photography, like in any kind of photography.

Being the most reliable builders in Kerala, Veegaland Homes always welcome simple things that make our homes appear/function better. With our creative ideas, we hope you have fun with your camera and improve your photography skills during your time at home.

Realizing the dream of luxury living in flats in Kochi for the discerning crowd of the metro city, Veegaland Homes is proud to inspire a one of a kind movement in the real estate development of Kerala.

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