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7 Factors to Keep in mind while choosing the Floor in a high-rise apartment

Veegaland Homes | June 30, 2023
7 Factors to Keep in mind while choosing the Floor in a high-rise apartment<

With the population and accommodation continuing to be an issue in almost all of our metropolitan cities, high-rise apartments have become a common sight in most Indian cities.

The residential landscape in major cities of Kerala is also not so different, and the trend of cities expanding vertically can also be observed in our major towns and cities.

Real estate developers and builders across Kerala have high-rise apartment projects in both luxury and affordable categories to address the residential needs of homebuyers across different income groups.

In this background, to help new-age homebuyers in their homebuying process, Veegaland Homes – one of the most reputed Builders in Kerala has prepared this blog to explain 7 Factors to keep in mind How to choose  floor in a high-rise apartment:


  • Security & privacy concerns

Apartments on the ground floor or lower levels are generally considered to be unsafe compared to the apartments on the higher levels. The easy access to the apartment on lower floors – especially if the building is located near the main road or a crowded part of the city is what makes them risky.

However, the design of your high-rise apartments and the safety precautions enforced by the builder or management can ensure safe living conditions on the lower levels as well. This is the main thing to choose Floor in a high-rise apartment


  • Fire safety

Fire safety is another main concern for homebuyers while they are looking out for high-rise apartments.

Apartments under the RERA Act are mandatorily required to have an Occupancy Certificate (OC) and other certifications granted by the local authorities and other regulatory bodies.

If you are concerned about the safety measures of the apartment you are going to purchase you can simply ask the builder or developer to provide a copy of such certifications or documents in order to verify the legitimacy.


  • Number of lifts & staircases

Making sure that the high-rise apartment you are choosing has an adequate number of lifts & staircases is really important; especially if you are planning to move on with elders and children.

Ideally, an apartment should at least have two or more lifts in each tower so that at least one lift is functional in case of breakdowns or emergencies. Ensuring the number of staircases and their accessibility is crucial for evacuations during a fire or other emergencies when the lift won’t be working.


  • Vantage point

The vantage point or the view offered by high-rise apartments is undoubtedly one of the major attractions for homebuyers.   Apartments situated at scenic locations such as near the beach or fields offer the best views for the residents and higher floors are the best for enjoying them.

On the contrary, if you or any of your family members have a fear of heights, it is better to choose a lower level in the building.


  • Power consumption

Residents living on the lower floors tend to use less energy as those floors are generally cooler than higher ones, which makes enable them to consume less energy. Power consumption therefore will increase as you go higher on the high-rise apartments.

Taking this factor into consideration while buying an apartment in Kerala can save you from the long and harsh summer and huge energy bills.


  • Light & ventilation

Another advantage of living on the top floors of a high-rise building is the availability of better light and ventilation. The chances of getting disturbed by street-level noises and traffic sounds are also comparatively less. You will also be free from the threats of mosquitoes and rats.


  • Choose the right builder

Even though all the above-mentioned factors are significant when buying a high-rise apartment, one really important-yet-overlooked factor is the reputation of the builder you’re associating with.

Ensuring the reputation and track record of the builder or developer from whom you are purchasing the high-rise apartment in Kerala naturally strikes off the chances of the above-mentioned factors going against your favor.


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