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admin | June 10, 2021

Following the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent restrictions, organizations, and companies all over the world were forced to send their employees home to work remotely. With the pandemic normalizing the remote work culture, the need for an office space at our homes has gained more significance than ever.

Setting aside the household distractions and letting you focus on your work and be productive throughout the day, a dedicated workspace has several key factors that contribute to achieving a perfect work-life balance. Let’s, therefore, have a look at 7 home office setup ideas.

1. Location is important

With the liberty to choose and customize, home office design could be in many different shapes, sizes, and forms. It could be a designated room, a quiet corner in your bedroom, or a living room, or even in your kitchen.

The ideal location for your home office can be selected after figuring out where and when you would like to do your work. That is; if you are a working mother, a kitchen desk would be the ideal place for you to change roles and multitask. If your work is quite demanding and requires a space with minimal distractions, you can choose one such spot according to your preferences and make it more lively.


2. Space

While choosing a designated area for your home office, always make sure to allow enough space so that you can relax and work comfortably. Taking into consideration, your own style of work, posture, and other factors that make you feel comfortable, it’s easy to estimate how much space you might need.

In case you are settling down with a relatively small area for your workspace, make sure that the additional accessories and materials you bring in go in with your space. Choosing small writing desks, and multifunctional furniture pieces can save a lot of space and increase storage and contribute to an efficient workspace.


3. Form v/s functionality

Once you have selected the location for your home office and evaluated the space you have/need, the next important step in home office setup is choosing the right furniture. Prioritizing comfort, the next most important aspect to consider while selecting furniture for your workspace should be its functionality than attractiveness.

As you would be spending a lot of time in your home workspace, choosing the right desk and chair is essential. While buying a desk, make sure it is wide enough for your computer and related accessories that you would be necessary for your work. Going for a quality chair that is comfortable and adjustable can save you from a lot of neck and back pain.


4. Home office Design & Decoration

One of the biggest advantages of setting up a home office is that you are able to design and decorate it according to your taste and preferences. And guess what; no one is going to question you and you won’t need to worry about going against any office policy or rules.

Paint the walls surrounding your workspace with a striking color of your choice, which obviously doesn’t have to remind you of the mundane office colors. Subtle colors and home design ideas apart from looking cool can also stimulate and inspire you. While choosing the accessories and furniture, always make sure that they match the decor of the rest of your room or you can consciously go with a completely different look to distinguish your workspace.


5. Lighting

Lighting is the another important factor which we need to consider in home office design. Good lighting is essential for a positive workspace and if your space has a window, letting in as much natural light as possible will only enhance the lighting in the working area. In case if you don’t have instant access to natural daylight, a combination of general and task lighting will be enough to obtain the desired lighting levels.

With light never having a constant color of its own, the beauty comes from the way it is reflected and refracted by the surfaces. As low lighting levels are known to have negative psychological effects on humans, including depression choose ergonomic lighting fixtures and for your comforts, a yellow cast illumination would be the best.


6. Have a view

Choosing a location or spot where you can position the desk and have a more interesting view than the regular blank wall, could make it more exciting and unique. Having a window in the room could be ideal to serve as a spot and also to bring in the natural light.

Having a view can reduce the claustrophobic feel you would otherwise have and in case there are no windows available, position your desk in a way that it faces the door or other opening you have in your room. Alternative methods in case you don’t have any windows could be placing a painting, photographs, or plants in front of your desk.


7. Stay Organized

With the responsibility being completely on your shoulders, the chances of your workspace getting messy are high and you should consider making efficient use of the space and staying organized.

Instead of regular cupboards and cabinets, consider mounting floating shelves on your walls to place papers, electronic equipment like WiFi routers, printers, and other items that comes in handy in your workflow. Choosing a desk with drawers can also making things easy and organized. Having the flexibility of creating your own workspace, just remember to design the placement in a manner that will work for you in the long run.

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