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7 Key reasons why flats in Kochi are the best buy

Veegaland | December 8, 2022
7 Key reasons why flats in Kochi are the best buy<

Being the financial, commercial, and industrial capital of Kerala, Kochi has continued to stay the most preferred destination among home buyers and real estate investors alike. Having the right balance of natural scenery and cityscapes, the city functioning as the commercial hub provides extensive opportunities for both job seekers and entrepreneurs.

With a different vibrancy and a distinct culture from the other districts of the state, Kerala is continuing to grow, and every outsider who happened to fall in love with the place now has either fulfilled or still continues to dream of owning flats in Ernakulam in the laps of the queen of the Arabian Sea.

Thriving as the most trustworthy luxury builders in Kerala,  Veegaland Homes consider it our privilege to explain through this blog, the 7 Key reasons why flats in Ernakulam are the best buy.


  • Intangible amenities

As a tier II city and home to one of India’s most prominent IT parks, Kochi is present with the best of the amenities in the entire state, designed to cater to the ultra-modern lifestyle needs of its residents.

On one side if the real estate market is growing with brand-new apartment and villa projects, on the other end the city is constantly expanding with cutting-edge shopping malls, hospitals, office buildings, leisure spots, etc.


  • Well-connected and accessible

No other city in the entire state of Kerala is connected and accessible as Kochi. Having almost all forms of possible connectivity already functioning at their best form, Kochi is easily accessible be it by road, rail, air, or water from any part of the world for that matter.

Along with the new-age addition of a metro rail network, Kochi is the only city or district in Kerala with such a transport facility and it has already made a significant change in the commuting habits of people.


  • Fun, Leisure, and Entertainment

Being the commercial or industrial capital of the state, it is undoubtedly a prerequisite that the city has its share of fun, leisure, and entertainment offerings. And beyond doubt, Kochi offers the best recreational and fun activities thereby making the weekends or the off-work/study time as much fun as possible.

The city has not just some of the prominent malls of the state, but also the country’s – such as Lulu mall and some beautiful beaches, backwater destinations, etc making it also the favorite weekend destination among residents in other parts of the state.


  • Medical Infrastructure

As the most modern city to live in the state, Kochi also has the best possible medical infrastructure with the best possible medical facilities. The standards of treatment and service of some of the multispeciality hospitals are so good that not only people from other parts of the state but also the country visit for treatment and wellness programs.

The manner in which the city was able to successfully contain the spread of the recent pandemic is also an achievement of the city’s medical fraternity and infrastructure.


  • Opportunities

Growing rapidly as the financial, commercial, and industrial capital of Kerala, Kochi beyond (a) doubt has a lot of opportunities for career enthusiasts and businessmen alike. Being home to some of the most prominent companies and organizations, it offers a variety of potential options for today’s job seekers.

Infopark Kochi with various multi-national companies, Cochin Special Economic Zone (CSEZ), Kochi Refinery, Hindustan Organic Chemicals, The Fertilisers And Chemicals Travancore Limited (FACT), etc are some of the successfully running workplaces in and around the city.


  • Return On Investment (ROI)

Rapidly growing with limitless possibilities in almost all kinds of industries or sectors,  the real-estate boom in Kochi is yet to reach its verge. This makes any kind of investment in the real estate field doubtlessly a safe venture to earn more Return On Investment.

Thriving as one of the most reliable builders in Kochi, Veegaland Homes have flats in Ernakulam and apartments in Kochi, which makes them guaranteed to earn you excellent ROI through the years.


  • Life-satisfaction

With the perfect balance between development and nature, the city of Kochi and an apartment within it has a lot to offer along the lines of satisfaction, security, balance, and a lot more.

Veegaland Homes design and develop living spaces and communities that increase the quality of life and encourage the resident’s well-being and peace of mind. To learn more about premium flats in Ernakulam, get in touch with us at:

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