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admin | June 11, 2021

“Less is more” is a motto adopted by German Architect and furniture designer Ludwig Mies van der Rohe to describe his aesthetics, which was popular for arranging the basic components of architecture to create an impression of extreme simplicity.

Minimalism is often misunderstood as creating white and dull spaces with only a few pieces of furniture. But in reality, minimalist interior design actually means making room for the things you value, and creating a clean and stylized interior design that also has a touch of nature.

With several minimalist interior design trends celebrated these days, let’s have a look at 7 minimalist interior design tips that can help you create the best one for your home:

1. Open spaces

As space has a huge role in interacting with the objects and defining the look of the interior, empty or open spaces are considered a significant element in minimalist interior design. Space is also important in creating a visual balance, which can only be achieved by having a focal point.

Placing only the bare essential furniture helps in keeping the flow free through the interiors. Having a lot of negative spaces can also make the furniture the focal point; which is a fundamental aspect. Clear walls, floors, and surfaces can create a lot of white spaces which can also help in creating a minimal feel.


2. Simple and efficient floor plan

Simple and efficient floor plans are another significant characteristic of minimalist houses. The majority of minimalist interior design can be seen as only using the rectangular spatial forms for their floor plans, and it’s also important to include only the basics necessaries within the form.

Minimalism gives more importance to the inhabitants of a space or to the view from the window than the room’s decoration. With everything requiring to be functional and bring in some value to space, they must work well together in their basic shape or structure.


3. Lighting is key

Open spaces with minimal furniture and decoration elements help in creating a light-filled space, which is one of the biggest advantages of a minimal interior design. Large windows emphasizing the importance of views and daylight also add to this and benefit the room and the inhabitants.

Leaving the windows bare, or using thin treatments, adding mirrors to the wall panels, etc are some other ways of bringing in more light to the interiors to make your space brighten more. All these, along with sconces and candlesticks as artificial lighting choices can significantly add to the minimalist style.


4. Choose a neutral color palette

Although white is the traditionally associated color with minimalism, going for color choices that can keep the color palette neutral would not disturb the minimalist look and can still bring attention to the important elements.

While opting for brighter colors, make sure to stick to one or two and also keep the brightness or intensity minimal. Wood shades like maple, honey, and walnut can contribute to warming up space. However, a cool color palette can always be seen as having the advantage of bouncing the natural light into all corners of the space and making it look bigger than reality.


5. Use modern furniture

With functionality and easiness in use being a fundamental characteristic of a minimalist interior design, invest in simple, multi-functional modern furniture pieces, ensuring their quality. Also make sure that the furniture pieces you choose, bring in some kind of harmony to the decor, in terms of line, shape, and color.

A standout piece of furniture, which can make a statement; retaining the principles of form and function of the minimal interior design can also be brought in to create a clean and defined feel for your interiors. Art pieces that are simple in compositions and go well with the furniture pieces can be considered as add ons. When in doubt, consider hiring a team of experienced interior designers in Kochi with a track record of delivering 100% customised home furnishings.


6. Use texture

Simple and smooth textures with light patterns or graphic elements can make things look interesting. Experimenting with texture, even if it’s all one color, can bring out the detailing that would have otherwise been missing. Unconventional shapes and textures in place of a traditional layout can also do wonders to a minimalist interior design style.

A chandelier or an upholstered headboard, or even a textured wallpaper can bring a lot of depth to a neutral space. Soft textures of carpet and furniture can also add a sense of coziness and style to the decor.


7. Keep clean lines

Straight lines and streamlined shapes that can be evident in doors, windows, cabinets, drawers, and furniture pieces also complement the minimalist interior design. Swapping overstuffed armchairs for a straight-backed sofa, and cabinet hardware in the kitchen for flushed cabinets, and adding wood pieces or frames with classic edges can also help in having clean lines.

Aiming to condense content, emphasizing the form and structure, minimalism focuses on the bare essentials that reveal the true essence and aesthetics of architecture.

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