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admin | April 5, 2021

Despite being used frequently to go up and down, our staircases are rarely or never considered from an aesthetical perspective. Representing a distinctive architectural feature of any home design, a staircase in actuality can offer a lot more than just providing access to the upper levels of a house.

Along with the trends in architecture and design, modern staircases have rising popularity in the interior design world, which has made homebuilders and homebuyers pay more attention to it and even seriously pursue remodeling or redesign. With numerous staircase designs, we can add charm to your home, let’s have a look at some of the most popular ones:

1. Floating Stairs

Designed to cut down the size, or hide the supporting structure of a staircase, Floating staircases give the impression that the stair treads are floating and thus removes the visual obstructions thereby maximizing the living space.

With the flexibility of being installed indoors or outdoors, they can also be paired with several different types of stair railing and handrail options such as glass, cable, or rod stair railing, which can enhance the illusion of floating.

Gaining popularity as an architectural style that is modern and brings more light into the interiors, an open plan floating staircase design, can also contribute to making space look bigger.


2. Ribbon Staircase

Created by Czech Architecture, the ribbon staircase is a simple and minimalist staircase designed from a sheet of stainless steel that is folded and lacquered. Named for its resemblance with a ribbon used for clothing, this unique staircase design is thick enough to support the bodyweight of whoever climbs it.

Although it might look fragile, the mechanical design isn’t one such and the brackets constructed as a rigid frame is designed in a manner that the higher steps bear most of the weight, and the pressure is transmitted through the lower steps. Being both a statement feature and a functional object, it can complement the modern interiors very well.


3. Cantilever Stair

Cantilever stairs are independent steps anchored at one end, which causes the stair treads to appear like floating in the air without any support. It may also have a hidden steel structure within, or below, or concealed in the wall for the support.

Calculating the required weight-bearing load on the treads, the cantilever stair system is engineered to minimize the flexing and can create a refined appearance within your interior. Being able to be manufactured in various different materials, shapes, and finishes, apart from being an element of interest, well-designed and placed cantilever stairs can also create enough space within your home.


4. Hanging or suspended staircase

Hanging or suspended staircases have stair treads made from heavy steel, concrete, or glass and are cantilevered from the wall to bring some excitement into your everyday treks up and down within your home.

Seeming to float in the air, using a tension system, this astonishing piece of architecture can be seen as unconventionally apart from the normal designs and can be a striking element for your home.


5. Bookshelf Staircase

A bookshelf staircase design is capable of transforming your interior into something that makes one feel cozy and nostalgic and can also pay off as a great means to save some room, yet decorate your interior efficiently.

Apart from allowing you to go up and down, a bookshelf staircase comes with a lot of added benefits. Along with being an interesting piece of interior design, it allows you to show off your collection, creates more space for storage and decoration in your personal library, and provides easy access to your personal collection.


6. Modular Staircase Design

The modular staircase design is simply the best design to adapt to a variety of locations, linking different areas of your home while also retaining the available light. With its relatively less cost and practicality, this particular design combines convenience, technology, and tradition into your interiors.

Moreover, the flexibility of the regulating mechanisms, the combination of colors, and the interchangeability of materials (glass, wood, stainless steel, marble) make this design very much innovative and contemporary.


7. Circular Staircase Design

Circular stair design combines form and functionality in an ever-popular design which makes them hard not to notice and love. A circular form runs around a central pole that is affixed to the ground, giving stability along with classic design aesthetics.

Circular staircase design are the perfect choice and options for the ones who have space as an issue within their urban home. Designed for durability and with the possibility of installing it in the outdoors, Circular stair designs can be a convenient way to get to the upper level of your house without bothering to walk through the interiors.

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