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7 New trends in designing the living spaces

Veegaland | September 5, 2022
7 New trends in designing the living spaces<

Even though living spaces are designed to offer comfort and make us feel safe, it is important to ensure that they also follow certain trends to suit the ones living there. Decorating a room or space, therefore, plays a significant role in how we tune into our surroundings.

With trends for every part of the home getting consistent updates, Veegaland Homes, one of the most dedicated Luxury builders in Kerala known to design state-of-the-art living spaces is here with 7 New trends in designing the living spaces. Let us have a look at them:


  • 70’s Retro Kickback

Decorating styles and trends that were popular in the 1970s make a comeback with a modern spin of quirkiness defined by many timeless elements such as rattan furniture and earthy color schemes.

Rooted in the nostalgia of the unprecedented times, these trends are very much in particular to feature cozy and warm elements that people would love to bring into their homes.

Wicker or rattan furniture, layer-on texture, warm colors, retro lighting, and mix and match styles are some of the elements or means to bring a retro vibe to your modern home like luxury builders in Kerala.


  • Nature Inspired

Nature-inspired interior design ideas will never be outdated and by bringing authentic greenery into your home, they can strengthen your home’s connection with nature. Not only will they complement the natural woods and warm browns of your interiors, but will also purify the air.

Use of natural elements such as wood for furniture and decor, growing indoor plants, laying natural rugs, having bricks in their natural state, bringing in the natural sunlight, etc are means of achieving a nature-inspired design within your living spaces.


  • Multifunctional spaces

With a multitude of opportunities laying within any given room, single-use spaces are now undoubtedly a thing of the past. Capable of integrating different functions at different times in the same space, multifunctional spaces have a huge significance in the urban context.

Creating distinct zones, Using multifunctional furniture pieces, combining dining room and kitchen spaces, having convertible bedrooms, and modular loungers, are some smart design and decor choices that can help you pull off creating multifunctional spaces within your home.


  • Mindful Zen

Contrary to the popular belief, mindful living space isn’t just about the zen looks, but how it makes you feel.

Designing living spaces that set the tone for a zen-like living gives emphasis on the efficiency of the space along with its furniture and decor to create positive emotion, energy, and well-being among the inhabitants.

Free space, soul-nourishing decorations, minimal purchases, adding personality features to the living spaces, finding the right color scheme, right plants, furniture, accessories, etc help you to design a zen space that can make your home more meaningful.


  • Bold patterns & Colors

With vivid colors and patterns taking the trend of shining in living spaces, you can choose to add bold colors and unique patterns of your preference to bring life back into your living spaces. However, you should ensure a fine balance in maintaining the overall aesthetic of the space without making it gaudy or loud.

Figuring out the ‘focal point’ of the space, creating an accent wall, having bold artworks, adding decorative furniture pieces, highlighting the floor, etc, are means by which you can create a statement in your living space.


  • Sustainable & Organic Materials

Increasing awareness of environmental concerns and harsh climatic changes have made people realize the importance of sustainable living. An eco-friendly approach and energy-efficient choices are therefore significant in making a big difference in safeguarding our natural environment and mother earth.

Opting for energy-efficient design choices, choosing eco-friendly materials and sustainable furniture, adding more houseplants, using non-toxic paints and materials, eco-friendly wallpapers, etc are ways by which you can create a sustainable living environment.


  • Leather Furniture

Stepping away from the maximalist styles, leather is a material that can bring a luxurious touch and instantly elevate the interiors of your home. Leather (faux or real) is undoubtedly an inviting fabric for living spaces and bathroom trends that can add warmth to existing styles that are cold or unwelcoming.

Leather lounge chairs, leather sofas, leather padded headboards over the bed, leather chairs or seating in the kitchen, etc are furniture pieces that make your interiors look polished and inviting and help you create a statement.

Veegaland Homes is one of the most dedicated Luxury builders in Kerala known to design state-of-the-art living spaces assuring superior quality and robust engineering. To learn more about our finely crafted living space, visit:

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