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7 Top Benefits of Buying a ready-to-occupy Apartment in Kochi

admin | April 28, 2023
7 Top Benefits of Buying a ready-to-occupy Apartment in Kochi<

Buying a property – especially an apartment for living with your loved ones is undoubtedly an important decision in an individual’s life. It’s a decision involving an emotional and practical process, which needs to be thought through very cautiously.

The housing industry – especially the modern housing market has several new trends, marketing, and purchasing programs that let the buyers make an informed decision regarding their purchase of a lifetime, avoiding the risks of buying an under-construction property.

Veegaland Homes – one of the most reliable luxury builders in Kerala through this blog will be explaining 7 top benefits of ready-to-occupy apartment in Kochi:


  • “Ready to Occupy” Apartment

Under-construction apartments or upcoming apartment projects would have long waiting periods which would not be convenient for homebuyers who are moving to a new city like Kochi on short notice.

Ready-to-occupy apartments are available for instant possession without any delays or waiting periods, which makes their highlight aspect itself the most important and attractive benefit.

Once completing the payment and related paper-works, the apartment would be all yours, saving you a lot of time, money, and effort.  This is one of the benefits of ready-to-occupy apartment in Kochi.


  • Transparency

The transparency provided to homebuyers by the builders is the next benefit of ready-to-occupy apartments in Kochi.

Through various provisions such as sample apartment visits or the chance to visit the apartment you’re intending to buy, homebuyers these days have the opportunity to see and evaluate what they are paying for in person, which reduces the chances of being deceived.

This transparency allows homebuyers to check and ensure the quality of construction and their satisfaction with the home design.


  • Financial flexibility

It’s quite common these days that you hear homeowners complaining about various builders who raise their prices unexpectedly and delay the delivery date of flats and apartments citing various construction-related excuses.

Under such circumstances, having already paid the token or advance amount to the builder, such a delay can create serious conflicts in a homebuyer’s plan, budget, and time.

Ready-to-move flats and apartments in Kochi help homebuyers avoid such unnecessary crises and own a home at the same price they agreed upon, and help them to be on their budget.


  • Tax benefits

Unlike recently launched apartment projects or under-construction ones, ready-to-occupy apartments in Kochi can help homebuyers gain certain tax benefits according to the Income-tax Act, of 1961.

Once the construction of the property has been completed and is possessed by the homebuyer, they are allowed to claim the interest paid on a home loan during the construction phase in multiple instalments.

Additionally, no GST is applicable on ready-to-move apartments, which is another benefit or attraction.


  • Save on rent

Another benefit of ready-to-occupy flats in Kochi is that they allow you to save a considerable amount, or help you earn some in the form of rent. If you are an individual who’s at present living on rent, moving to a ready-to-occupy apartment could offer you an instant financial relief.

Ready-to-move apartments would also be ideal for prospective homebuyers who are seeking alternatives for rent and EMIS. Buying and renting out ready-to-occupy apartments post-purchase would be beneficial for housing investors.


  • Ease of loan approval and repayment

Ready-to-move apartments with their low level of risk (as their construction is complete) also offer instant relief to homebuyers who rely on home loans for their purchase. Once your credentials and eligibility are verified, you could also avail of loans at a lower interest rate, provided the builder you are associating with is established.

Ready-to-occupy apartments ease the repaying process as homebuyers will be soon in possession of their home and could repay the loan just like they pay rent.


  • Returns On Investment

Recently launched apartment projects or under-construction ones could have uncertainty with regard to their possession and it could even take months or even years for the apartments to be delivered if the builder you’ve associated with isn’t reliable. This is another circumstance where a ready-to-occupy apartment can be really beneficial.

Ready-to-move apartments being literally “Ready-to-move-in” post-purchase, homeowners or real estate investors can benefit from it to earn instant revenue in the form of rent or lease which also helps them to settle off the loan or generate an extra income. These are the main benefits of ready-to-occupy apartment in Kochi

Veegaland Homes – one of the most reliable builders in Kerala promises its homebuyers flats in Kochi and apartments in Kochi that meet their quality and standards. To learn more about our RERA-certified ready-to-occupy apartments in Kochi and apartments in Thrissur, visit:


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