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admin | March 4, 2021

More than just a trend, mirrors are an inevitable part of home decor, and with their versatility in maximizing an interior’s appeal, they are extensively used to bring light and depth to a room and also to emphasize color and reflect sights to create a different look.

The placing of the mirror is strategically important to create an illusion of spaciousness and brightness within the home and let’s look at some interesting decorations with mirrors that can transform your space with minimum efforts:


1. Light & Reflections

Before placing or mounting a mirror, always take into account what is across it as it is important to know what is going to be reflected in it. Hanging or mounting it across an important architectural element, a piece of painting or photograph will give that particular item more significance.

Hanging a mirror across from a window will also increase the amount of natural light entering the room significantly, and can create an illusion of space in the room.


2. Mirror walls

A wall completely affixed with a large mirror or mirror tiles will bring in a luxurious statement to the decor and the home. Moreover, it is also one of the easiest ways to make the room appear spacious and brighter.

While choosing a large mirror, always chose a design that matches the stay, and decor of your home. Big mirrors can also be placed without hangers or feet with just an elegant frame supported by the main wall of the room. Mounting the mirror this way can create a great amplitude, in addition to bringing in a romantic feel to the space.


3. Wardrobe panels

A wardrobe with a mirror is favored by people everywhere as they are so practical in approach and regardless of the type of wardrobes and designs, mirrors just add to its functionality and also save some space.

Transforming the wardrobe panels into mirror panels will therefore make it practically useful and also make the dressing area look a lot bigger and brighter adding to the compact feel of your urban home.


4. Statement piece

A large mirror with fancy borders or a contemporary design can add a little character and beauty to your bare walls and make an excellent statement piece in your living room.  Mirrors are also great for creating the illusion of a brighter, larger space, adding the perfect finishing to your interior decor.

In different shapes, styles, and finishes you can find the perfect decorative mirror to draw attention to your walls. Statement pieces can be hanged up at a dining room wall, living room, and also in the hallways.


5. Stairway walls

Stairways are one of those areas, where when placed correctly; mirrors are known to take advantage of the light and double the brightness and ambiance of your home.

Decorating the boring stairway walls will instantly give them an elegant and bright look that can enhance the total vibes of the space and the home. Moreover, the ones who climb the stairs can admire themselves while climbing. But make sure never to place a mirror along the bottom of a staircase as it can cut off one’s feet while ascend or descend.


6. Using many at once

Using many pieces of mirrors to create a mirror wall similar to a photo wall is also a cool idea and can pay off well; provided you place them carefully and creatively. It’s also a great way to fill up your bedroom wall, in case you don’t have enough space in your bathroom for those larger pieces.

While using large-to-ceiling mirrors as a wall panel; make sure that they reflect something worthwhile and not just the boring plain wall across.


7. Think big

Known to create the illusion of depth and space, a large mirror can be hanged creatively in a small space and leaning against the wall, it can be a great decorative element to use in a comparatively smaller room. The same technic can be applied while installing mirrors for other narrow spots such as hallways.

Large mirrors can also be mounted behind the dining table, where, with the right illumination, the mirrors reflect the light and make the dining room look more spacious and vibrant.


8. Create a focal point

One of the most significant elements in any room is a focal point and without one; a space could feel awkward or disjointed. A focal point holds the decor and helps in creating a natural and beautiful flow through the interiors.

Mirrors are known to great focal points and that’s one of the main reasons for them to be placed above mantels and dining room buffets. As an add-on, consider hanging sconces on either side and it’ll give you the perfect focal point in any room.


9. Be creative with the shapes

Mirrors don’t have to be traditional rectangular shaped always and you can play around with the shape and size according to your preferences and creativity. When placed correctly, the right-shaped mirror will bring natural light into your room and make it more vibrant and spacious.

You can choose the shape or style of the mirror according to the shape or size of your room and play creatively to reflect the same in the frame of your chose mirror. Apart from being practical, an unusually shaped mirror will certainly make head turns and gain your walls the attraction it needs.

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