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Advantages of buying an apartment in its pre-launch period

Veegaland | April 25, 2023
Advantages of buying an apartment in its pre-launch period<

Buying an apartment is one of the most exciting and challenging events in an individual’s life. After going through a long complicated process in pursuit of your dream home, you would finally be owning a space that you can call your own.

If you’re someone who has been actively in pursuit of a new home for a while now, you would have definitely come across terms like “pre-launch”, “new-launch” etc. These are basically some of those common terms used to denote housing projects that are newly launched.

Purchasing an apartment during its pre-launch or new-launch phase has several benefits. Veegaland Homes – one of the most committed builders in Kerala will be explaining some of the key Advantages of buying an apartment in its pre-launch period. Let us check out them one at a time:


  • Gain the early bird benefits

Most modern-day builders, and real estate developers give attractive price offers to homebuyers, during the initial phase of their newly launched apartment projects.

With aggressive pricing, builders bring the rates of their apartments considerably lower than their ongoing construction or ready-to-move-in housing projects. Doing your ground research with regard to the current property prices can confirm the accuracy of this trend.

Therefore, regardless of your purpose; a home to stay in, or a property to invest in, buying an apartment during its pre-launch phase is undoubtedly the ideal choice for buying apartments at their best rates. this is the main Advantage of buying an apartment in its pre-launch


  • Lock your price before the price hike

The next significant advantage of acquiring an apartment during its launch phase is the convenience to lock the price before it’s open to the market and the price escalates.

With the prices for apartments observed to be immediately increasing post-RERA certification, the option to pre-book and own a newly launched property is undoubtedly an advantage for home buyers on a budget.

With other factors such as the increasing demand for housing properties, rising labor costs, raw material costs, and revised laws also contributing to the price hike of construction projects, opting for an apartment during its launching phase will save you a considerable amount, which you can use for future expenses such as the registration and interior design.


  • Option for customizations & additional features

Buying an apartment during its pre-launch phase also gives the homebuyer the privilege to choose a unit of their choice along with the best features such as the floor, view, locality, and ease of access (Stairs, lift, etc) all within the budget or the pre-launch price.

Moreover, homebuyers would also have the liberty of making customization requests with the builder for the interior layout or the design changes according to their aesthetic preferences. With the project still in its initial phase, the requirements can be easily included and realized without much hassle.


  • Smooth financial options

Along with the tax benefits of a home loan, buying an apartment during its new-launch phase lets homebuyers realize the dream of owning an apartment without many financial struggles.

Most of the new apartments during their initial launch phase, will also provide various schemes or offers that allow some financial relaxation to homebuyers while paying their EMI.

In addition, buying an apartment during its launch phase, homebuyers would only require to pay 20-25% of the total cost to the builders. As the responsibility to pay the interest against the loan is the builder’s responsibility, it can also urge them to complete the project at the earliest.


  • Gain high ROI

A pre-launch phase of apartment projects is an ideal investment opportunity for real estate investors who are striving to extend their investment portfolio.

By purchasing an apartment during its launch phase and capitalizing on its price advantage and financial relaxations, investors can gain high returns on their investment while selling or renting the apartment post-purchase.

However, one should be careful to ensure certain factors such as the location of the apartment project, the credibility of the builder, or the reputation of real estate firms they are associating with, etc.

Now that you are pretty much informed on the benefits of buying an apartment during  its pre-launch period, you can start your search for such pre-launch apartment projects within the particular location you are planning to settle down at. these are the Advantages of buying an apartment in its pre-launch.


Veegaland Homes – one of the most committed builders in Kerala has K-RERA-approved apartments in Kochi and apartments in Thrissur that realize your dream of owning an apartment. To learn more about our upcoming apartment projects and their pre-launch dates, visit:

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