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Advantages of reticulated LPG system In an apartment complex

Veegaland | May 17, 2022
Advantages of reticulated LPG system In an apartment complex<

Almost all of the cooking gas demands in the Indian households are provided by LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) gas connection. With India currently being the second-largest LPG consumer in the world with a 90% nationwide coverage, the government aims to spread the use of Piped Natural Gas (PNG) which already has a large consumption.

The Piped Natural Gas or the reticulated LPG system with a centralized distribution system consisting of a vast network of safe piping is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to the natural gas crisis in the country. Now let us have a look at the advantages of a reticulated LPG system In an apartment complex:


 1. Uninterrupted supply of LPG

One of the most important advantages of reticulated LPG system in apartment is uninterrupted supply of LPG. As the Piped Natural Gas or the reticulated LPG system distributes cooking gas directly to the apartment through pipelines, there will 24/7 gas supply without the need for dragging or replacing cylinders, or replacement orders.


 2. Safe and Secure

Safety and security is always comes in priority.  The reticulated gas system as an advanced system to supply Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) to households is more secure and safe than the conventional cylinder supply. Designed and put together at every stage using state-of-the-art equipment and carbon steel pipes, the overall system has the best safety standards.  Providing the safe and secure gas supply is an advantages of reticulated LPG system in apartment complex.


3. Accident proof gas distribution system

With the scientific fact that gas pressure is comparatively low in pipelines than in the volume-packed cylinder, it enhances safety. The constant and careful inspection as per the established guidelines at every stage ensures further safety along with the convenience factor.


 4. Space efficiency 

As the reticulated gas system rules out the need to stash cylinders and related equipment in the apartment, it increases the space available in your kitchen which you can allot for other needs or types of equipment.


 5. Pay as you use

The Piped Natural Gas or the reticulated LPG system will distribute cooking gas directly to your home or apartment through pipelines and the consumers can pay for it according to their use; just as one would pay their electricity bill.


 6. Convenience

Unlike the traditional gas supply, the consumers will not be required to go to the market or store and stand in a queue to deposit the monthly or annual bills. With a dedicated metered system in place at every home or apartment, every user can monitor their individual consumption details and pay for it from the comforts of their home.


 7. Time and cost-effective

As the reticulated gas system rules out the need to buy cylinders periodically, you are no longer required to visit or call the gas agencies and waste your time and money unnecessarily. In this busy world every minute is precious.  Saving our time is another important advantages of reticulated LPG system in apartment complex.


 8. Property value addition

From a real estate outlook, the transition to an advanced gas distribution system will definitely enhance the value of your property and home buyers (once you’re reselling your apartment) will be impressed by the same.


 9. Aesthetics

Each apartment in an apartment complex is a place where the dreams of family members flourish. So each corner of the apartment has its importance. The reticulated LPG system upon installation eliminates the visual distortion brought by the conventional LPG cylinder and transforms the overall aesthetics of your kitchen, making it look and feel more modern. Keeping the aesthetic view pleasant without any visual distortion is another advantage of the reticulated LPG system in an apartment complex.


 10. Professional service 

The reticulated LPG system requires very minimal maintenance and under such circumstances, the apartment management or the concerned authority will seek the service of a dedicated technician who can provide prompt professional service.


 11. Transparency

As every reticulated LPG connection is equipped with a dedicated meter in the apartment or house to record the consumption, the consumer can be stress-free about their consumption and have transparency regarding the same.


 12. Additional usage

Along with the reticulated LPG system’s use as a cooking fuel channel, it could also be used for operating geysers, LPG fireplaces, and air convectors during winter.

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