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admin | November 6, 2020

Indian climatic conditions, especially Kerala’s, require air conditioners as an integral part of leading a fine life. The extreme temperature rise during the summers leaves no choice for families and individuals seeking a comfortable life and an air conditioner becomes their alternative for beating the heat.

Understanding the significance of air conditioners for a comfortable living, Veegaland Homes, the trusted builder in Kerala has prepared a checklist that can be essential while you’re on the hunt for the perfect cooling system for your homes:

1. Types

The primary step while on the hunt for a perfect air conditioner is to know the type you want for your home. Basically, there are three types of air conditioners in India:

  • Window AC – Window AC which features a single unit that can be mounted onto a window or a wall is ideal for cooling one room is easy to be installed.
  • Split Unit – Split AC which features two units (indoor and outdoor) is used for cooling larger rooms and has high installation costs.
  • Portable AC – Portable AC which is compact and movable is ideal for cooling smaller spaces and requires a specially-crafted vent for the exhaust hose.


2. Capacity

Choosing the right size of the air conditioner for the room can be slightly confusing. Rated in tonnes, air conditioner size should be determined according to the capacity required yo cool your room.

Although an oversized air conditioner can cool the room faster, it may consume a lot of energy, whereas a smaller air conditioner requires to work hard to cool the room efficiently.


3. Power Consumption

Coming with star rated energy efficiency ratings known as EER, all air conditioners are standardized by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), and the more stars an AC has, the better it is expected to perform and save money on the electricity bills.

A formula that can give you an idea on the approximate electricity consumption of an AC is:
Electricity Units = Input Power in Watts *Time in hours/1000

(The formula is just an example and the actual amount may slightly vary.


4. Inverter Technology

Inverter AC is worth investing in if you’re looking for a smarter AC that can give consistent and better cooling with decent energy efficiency. Their speed varies depending on the room temperature and they are quieter than non-inverter ACs and are also long-lasting.

Although inverter ACs are slightly expensive than regular ones, with one third less power consumption than the regular ones, the extra money you spend can be balanced in the saved electricity charges.


5. Features

With several brands and models of AC available in the market with a wide variety of features, one should always choose the air conditioner which is equipped with the right technology catering to their needs and requirements.

The most popular features these days are- anti-bacterial filter, cooling, and heating, dehumidifier, auto-clean function, sleep mode, cool coils, etc. Choosing a well-established brand that provides all essential features that are required at a reasonable rate can be an ideal choice. These are the main points of Air Conditioner buying checklist.

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