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An effective wastewater management system at Veegaland Homes

Veegaland | July 19, 2022
An effective wastewater management system at Veegaland Homes<

Wastewater or sewage water includes water discharged from multiple units in an apartment such as toilets, baths, showers, kitchens, and sinks. Sewage treatment hence refers to the process of removing contaminants, micro-organisms, and other types of pollutants from wastewater.

New environmental laws in India have made it mandatory for all apartment complexes with 20 or more units to have a sewage treatment plant installed within their surroundings.  The rules and regulations also state not to let even a drop of wastewater be disposed into the sewage, or underground.

In a Veegaland Homes apartment where around 100+ families live, their waste (toilet waste, kitchen waste, etc) is treated as per their respective grades. Let us have a detailed look at how Veegaland Homes best Builders in Kerala have Lots of Apartments in Kochi for sale strictly follows one such system to manage wastewater at our apartments effectively.


Waste water management

In waste water management a large septic tank with a three-chamber division installed on the ground floor of the apartment holds the toilet waste. The overflow from here passes into an STP (Sewage Treatment Plant), where it gets mixed with the wastewater from the kitchen and washroom.

The wastewater from the kitchen is the most complicated as it contains oil, in a mixed state with water. The initial process therefore would be the separation of oil, for which different chemicals and aeration processes are used, thereby coagulating the mixture and then separating it.

The toilet water may contain various hard waste materials or objects, after the removal of which, it gets mixed up with water from the other two units in the equalization tank. The water would be of very bad quality. Along with the addition of different chemicals and the aeration process, we grow a kind of bacteria, which will consume the waste and neutralize the wastewater.

The filtration process involving the bacteria is a continuous process, which if disrupted in between, would be a challenge to restart.


The Filtration

Following this segregation, there are two filtration processes: one through a sand filter and the other through a carbon filter, which separates dirty water and clean water.  The decontaminated water further undergoes a UV filtration process, following which it can even be used for drinking. However, at Veegaland Homes apartments, we use it for gardening, toilet flushing, and other purposes.

A well-maintained and functioning STP plant does not generate any foul smell. However, if the bacteria do not function, are dead, or if there are any issues related to the chemicals, a foul smell will be produced.

We at Veegaland Homes constantly inspect or evaluate the quality of the water at the different stages of filtration, which ensures a standard quality of the filtered water.


Corporation Water

Corporation water’s quality grades are not consistent, which poses a serious risk to the health of the people who consume them.  We at Veegaland Homes, therefore, purify corporation water and water brought from other sources to a standard quality through sand filtration and carbon filtration before transferring it to the tank and delivering it to our residents.

RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority) makes it mandatory that these plants are set up in apartments and have this standard procedure strictly followed. However, the maintenance and the duty to ensure its proper functioning is upon the builder and the association representatives of an apartment.


Reverse Osmosis

In a Veegaland Homes apartment, along with the above standard water purification process, we have a dedicated RO plant that functions automatically and provides pure drinking water 24 hours for our residents.

One of the taps in the Kitchen has water that has gone through the process of Reverse Osmosis, which makes the quality of water equivalent to that of mineral water.

The RO methodology in our apartments, therefore, rules out the need for installing an additional water purifying system in the kitchen or the additional expense spend on buying mineral water from outside.


Solid Waste Management

As per the regulations and standards, the solid waste treatment plant is to be installed at the top of the apartment building, so that the smell and bad air does not disturb the residents.

The solid waste treatment chamber also has certain unique arrangements that should be taken care of while installation and maintenance. CREDAI (The Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Associations of India) offers all the necessary technical advice regarding the same to all the developers.

Three different buckets – Green, Blue, and Red colors are given to the apartment management. The green ones are meant for wet and bio-degradable wastes (Kitchen wastes including vegetables and fruit skins) the blue ones are meant for the disposal of plastic wrappers and non-biodegradable wastes and the red ones are meant for glass bottles and jars.

Residents should be careful while disposing of the wastes and should make sure that they are disposed of in the right buckets for the right kind of waste.

Dry wastes are added to the old dry wastes (food wastes), along with some chemicals that help create a biofertilizer, that can be used as compost for agriculture and gardening needs.

Veegaland Homes best builders in Kerala have flats and apartments not just have these systems installed in our living spaces, but also ensure the proper functioning and maintenance periodically through a dedicated professional qualified team.

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