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Apartment parking problems and their solutions

admin | April 11, 2022
Apartment parking problems and their solutions<

Along with the availability of good amenities like swimming pools, fitness facilities, daycare, playground, etc, homebuyers these days also consider car parking as an important priority while making their decision to buy an apartment.


However, with the quick increase of multi-story buildings and subsequent land constraints, parking spots are a luxury that every builder isn’t able to fulfill in the best interest of the homebuyers. And the apartments that maintain their own parking spaces struggle with the careless parking habits of the residents.


Let us now look into the various parking problems seen in apartments and the ways they can be resolved:


 1. Unofficial parking


If you’re a resident in an apartment and own a four-wheeler, you’re obviously eligible for a parking space or a slit. But quite often it can be seen as occupants parking their vehicles in the allotted space of other residents.

Some of the common reasons for such practices can be: Carelessness, owning two cars, a friend or relative who has his own private vehicle, extending his visit.

Parking problem solutions 1:

  • Advise the occupants to park their vehicles only in their respective allotted space or spaces.
  • Make it mandatory to consult the apartment management or concerned authority for additional parking spaces.
  • Collect fines from the violators.
  • Put up signs


2. Guest parking


Another common parking-related issue that is seen these days is permitting guests, delivery personnel, and other visitors to park their vehicles in the unmarked common areas of the apartment building. Such instances can also be seen as leading to serious issues such as arguments, vandalism, and theft of vehicles.

Parking problem solutions 2:

  • Start maintaining an exclusive parking space for guests, delivery staff, and other visitors.
  • Maintain records with the basic information of the visiting guests along with their vehicle registration numbers.
  • Appoint security staff in the parking locations
  • Put up signs

parking area

3. Unmarked spaces


It can be often noticed that open parking spaces create confusion among residents; especially if there are no structures, markings, or signboards to guide them. The residents who mispark their vehicles under such circumstances can easily cause inconvenience to the rest of the residents.

Parking problem solutions 3:

  • As per the residential bylaws, it is mandatory to mark and number the parking space for its members.
  • Appoint dedicated security staff at the parking locations.
  • Put up signs
  • Place security cameras near the parking spaces.

parking area

4. Unfair allotment


Another common practice observed in apartments; especially the ones with limited parking spaces is the unfair allotment of parking spaces to some residents (especially the ones who own two or more vehicles). Other residents are denied their respective parking spaces and even made to park their vehicles outside the building or on the roadsides.

Parking problem solutions 4:

  • The apartment management or concerned authority should allow residents to park their vehicles on a ‘first come’ priority basis.
  • A member should only be allowed two or more parking spaces considering the no of unoccupied spots or spaces.
  • Appoint security staff in the parking locations


5. Tenant parking


Another common parking issue that can be noticed in apartments is the tenant parking system. Tenants at some apartments are not allowed to park their vehicles inside the parking space or spot, citing a lack of space following the excess of permanent residents’ vehicles.

Parking problem solutions 5:

  • If the landlord is eligible for a parking spot, then obviously the tenants should have access to it.
  • It is the landlord’s responsibility to ensure that their tenant has access to their respective spot in the apartment parking.
  • If there is any additional charge for parking, it should be levied from the landlord.


6. Limited number of parking spots


The one aspect or problem that leads to the above-mentioned parking problems in apartments is the limited number of parking spaces or spots. Increasing lack of space and the careless usage of space can be understood as the two main reasons behind this issue.

Parking problem solutions 6:

  • The builder or the concerned apartment authorities can purchase or lease out the nearby land and convert it into a parking space for the residents.
  • Parking spaces can be made accessible to the residents on a rotational basis.


Veegaland Homes design and construct flats and apartments in Kerala following the Kerala Municipal Building Rules (KMBR) and provide ample parking space and facilities for our occupants. Some of our apartment projects also have dedicated parking spaces for visitors.

To learn more about our ongoing and upcoming apartment projects and their exclusive amenities, visit:


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