Top 5 Benefits of Buying A House Than Leasing

Top 5 Benefits of Buying A House Than Leasing

If you are planning to buy or lease a house, first we need to list out the benefits of buying a house than leasing it. The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and its continuance has made people realize the significance of owning their own space- be it an apartment or a home. 
Renting might make sense for people who do not have a stable income, but living in a rented house during such an unprecedented phase has its own setbacks, and buying a house is always have its advantages. Let’s, therefore, have a look at the Top 5 Benefits of buying a house than leasing:

1. Home is a lifetime investment 

Owning a home is a long-term investment and with the property values not as low as they were a few years back, it is safe to assume that they will only go on to increase in the future.
With the home being your own, you will be investing in an asset for yourself and your family rather than a property management company or landlord. Having a home of one’s own can also make a sense of belonging and permanency that can help you identify with your surrounding and their lifestyle. This is the most important   It.

2. Stability 

When you’re having your own home, you can more easily and flexibly plan for long-term costs associated with your home. The equity on the home also goes up for every EMI that you pay as a homebuyer.
Leaving the variable associated with lease agreement renewals, it will also be simple to propose the annual costs for the practice according to your mortgage contract, insurance, and estimated property tax. This allows you to plan for the long-term without having to worry about the increased lease payments or a canceled lease.

3. Tax benefits 

One of the most significant benefits of buying a house than leasing is the tax benefits including depreciation allowances, mortgage interest deductions, and easy financing options you can avail of. 
The deductions reduce overall taxable income which can help improving cash flow that you can reinvest in the business or other ventures. The state and central governments also have schemes and policies that encourage homebuyers to pursue their dream to own a home that also allows them to enjoy the benefits that come with it.


4. The freedom to customize 

Home being a private space, the urge to customize it according to one’s preferences is essential to personalize it. But unless and until it’s your own home, it is difficult or illegal to remodel a home, as you are liable to follow the landlord’s guidance for space modifications.
Whereas, owning a home directly allows you to remodel or personalize it according to one’s changing requirements and extension of infrastructure to accommodate future developments.


5. No uncertainty 

Living in your own home, there is no fear or anxiety regarding the possibility of an untimely termination of the lease agreement by the landlord and subsequent eviction. Likewise, you won’t be having any stress or pressure with regard to renewing the lease agreement every year which might also require you to renegotiate with your landlord.
Owning a home, therefore, brings to you and your family constant stability, which can also make everyone feel emotionally secure, as, at the end of the day, you are all living under one roof, which literally belongs to you.
There is no space like “home”, where you can truly be at ease and just be yourself. Thriving as one of the most reliable builders in Kerala, Veegaland Homes designs and delivers homes, built with state-of-the-art innovation and technology that ensure a comfortable and peaceful space for its inhabitants.

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September 03, 2021 Kurian Thomas - Assistant General Manager-Sales & Marketing


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