Staying Healthy: Swimming and its benefits of social well-being

Staying Healthy: Swimming and its benefits of social well-being

People from all walks of life benefit from swimming, that’s a proven fact. Irrespective of their age, background, profession, etc. swimming is a healthier endeavor for people. Swimming is one of the most popular activities across the world. There are several health benefits of swimming one can gain, by completing regular laps. Swimming is one of the few sports you can do from a young age up to the ’90s.
While the benefits of swimming are many, actually practicing swimming in a city like Kochi isn't easy, the rivers, ponds and canals are polluted that you don't want to swim in them. The alternative is private or public swimming pools. In a city like Kochi that's growing fast in terms of health awareness and importance of activities like swimming, access to the swimming pool can be a great deal when you build a house or when you purchase one. 

So what are the benefits of swimming? Apart from being a sporting activity for sportspersons, swimming truly works for the entire body on an individual, head to toe.

  • It helps to increase the heart rate​

  • Builds, strength and endurance and tones muscles

From the outside, these above-mentioned changes can be seen in the initial days of swimming. It works inside too. While muscles are getting a good workout, it helps improve the functions of the cardiovascular system also. Swimming makes our internal systems strong, especially the heart and lungs. When compared with an inactive person, a swimmer normally has about half the risk of death. Researchers even undertook certain studies regarding swimming and human health and they found out that swimming may help lower blood pressure and control blood sugar.
Swimming certainly helps people to lose weight and tone up their muscles and be fit for a better tomorrow. If you are swimming to lose belly fat or increase them muscles or just to change your workout pattern, swimming helps to achieve all this. Here are some tips to do so:

  • Swim on an empty stomach:

Swimming early in the morning helps you also to have a positive start for the day. This is the best advantage of swimming. With an empty stomach, the calories burned are zero, this helps to build an appetite for a proper breakfast. 

  • Swimming harder and faster:

Swimming burns a lot of calories and at the initial stages you might not notice that. But undertaking swimming pool exercises you can become a pro. This way you’ll increase stamina and your swimming become faster and harder.

  • Attending swim class:

Attending swimming classes regularly will help you with the basics and teaches proper stroke techniques to maintain the pace.

  • Need to switch the routine:

If you are swimming for weight loss and following the same routine for a while, it is suggested by experts that you should switch. If you are following the same technique over and over again, it manually reaches a point of no go.

  • Swim four to five days a week:

The frequency of swimming is as same as other cardiovascular exercises like jogging, cycling and walking. For better results, personal trainers suggest aiming for four to five days of swimming a week.

  • Start slow:

Start with 15 to 20 minutes of swimming on every alternate day. Follow this process for 15 days and gradually increase the time and days.

  • Adjust your diet accordingly:

The first and foremost thing to do while staying on a fitness program or weight loss routine is to adjust the diet. That’s the same case with swimming too. The number of calories that burns while swimming is related to your food intake as well. 

Apart from weight loss and physical fitness, swimming act as a psychological remedy for plenty of conditions. Swimming helps to improve sleep, boots the mood of the swimmer and reduces anxiety and manage stress levels. Doctors even suggest swimming to pregnant women before their delivery. This adds potential benefits to both the baby and the mother. Swimming helps smooth labor.
On a regional level, most of the apartments in Kochi carry a swimming pool in their premises. People of this age are quite aware of the health benefits of swimming. Those who are residing in flats in Kochi use this amenity for their good. When it comes to staying fit, the regional notion understands that swimming for weight loss can be count more than a recreational activity. Also, swimming is a social sport and improves social well-being. Aspirants of any age can take up classes together, train together and compete in local competitions. This way kids can learn the importance of being in a team, and never have the feeling of being left out. Kids during an early stage of their life can partake in swimming activities and become more goal-oriented in their life.
Different Swimming Strokes, which can be performed under the guidance of a swim instructor or a trainer is:

  • Freestyle
  • Breaststroke
  • Butterfly
  • Backstroke
  • Sidestroke

Well, now you have read a lot about the benefits and styles of swimming, now finding a regular swimming pool is important. Decided that you love it and have health benefits you can count on, you shall be considering access to one near your home or If you're constructing a house, adding a swimming pool to it. Constructing your own swimming pool can cost you dearly. And the other option is to co-own it in an apartment. 
Yes, most Veegaland Apartments come with Swimming Pools that can fulfil your health goals. Built with the expertise drawn from the amusement parks, swimming pools in Veegaland apartments in Kochi are safe, user friendly and are built with options to maintain easy. Swim, exercise and relax at your own time and pace, Veegaland apartments bring you the best value for your money. 

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