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admin | January 21, 2021

Any individual in pursuit of realizing their home-to-be will come across numerous forms of design and construction techniques, and your dream house is just between your own creative ideas and those design options available around you.

But with various options and methodologies present before today’s homeowners, undoubtedly, their biggest challenge would be in balancing what they want in their homes and their budget limitations. Don’t worry, we are here to offer you our guidance.

Checklist for a good investment:

1. Purchase Price:

The price that the product or building material will cost you in the market to buy, transport, and install.


2. Product life cycle

The average durability of a product or building material


3. Maintenance cost

The expense that is required to maintain the product or building material periodically for its durability.

Undeniably, quality is what matters from a value perspective, and any amount you have to spend additional should only be spent after careful consideration on an investment viewpoint. After all, a low-quality product can cost you more money over time.

Considering the budget limitations of the home-buyers, let’s look at those products that might seem expensive at the onset, but can turn a very good value in the long run:


4. Carpet Pad

Carpet is one of the least expensive flooring options available, typically costing less than hardwood or natural stone. In order to keep the cost down and buy a carpet that will still suit your needs:

  • Consider different fibers
  • Choose a durable style
  • Loo for in-stock
  • Seconds
  • Upgrade the underpad


5. Tile flooring

With flooring forms making one of the major expenses of home renovation, it’s advisable to select a flooring material that is cost-effective and still doesn’t compromise on quality and enhances the overall look of the home.

Tiles are inexpensive and durable and even at a tight budget, you will have many choices in color and style. An average tile flooring can last for 30 years, with very low maintenance.

Different types of tiles available are:
Porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles, pre-polished tiles, vinyl floor tiles, etc.


6. Granite and Quartz

Granite and quart are lifetime products requiring little maintenance and yet have the capability of adding some style to your countertops.

A hardstone and 100% natural, Granite is mined from quarries, altered, and polished to a fine finish. Whereas, quartz is 95% natural and 5 % polymer resins.

Granite also comes in many different colors and patterns, thanks to the method in which it is formed. Quartz’s popularity is due to its stunning appearance, which also allows homeowners to customize the design.


7. Insulation & Heat Barrier

Insulation materials are available in so numerous varieties such as fiberglass, sag wool, cellulose, and natural fibers to rigid foam boards and sleek foils. While bulky building materials are known to resist conductive heat flow in building cavities, rigid foam boards trap air or other gases to resist the heat flow.

Effective insulation has not only the capability of keeping your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter but also save you some money on the monthly utility bills. Upgraded windows can also have dual properties such as insulation and UV protection.


8. Concrete tile roofing

For it’s distinctive and attractive looks, tile is a popular choice among homeowners as the perfect roofing material. Although generally perceived as a costly upfront investment, tiles have many great benefits such as durability, longevity, energy efficiency, appeal, low maintenance, fire safety, and much more.

Traditional (non-metal) tiles are most commonly available in either concrete or clay forms with the latter one being more costly and they come in all shapes, profiles, and colors. The total costs of installation of tile would depend on the size of your house, your tile choice, and the location of your property.
Flourishing as an eco-friendly builder in Kerala, supporting all kinds of green initiatives that are beneficial for a sustainable future, Veegaland Homes constructs flats and apartments with eco-friendly means and state-of-the-art techniques.

Being a distinct name that stands for value, integrity, quality, and trust, Veegaland’s apartments and flats in Kerala are equipped with the latest technology to realize exemplary modern living. To know more about our ongoing and upcoming projects, visit:

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