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admin | June 24, 2021

As humans, we tend to buy more and more stuff without actually thinking if we really have the space to accommodate them and for the same reason, we end up outgrowing the ability to store the stuff we bought, which ultimately makes our living space crammed up and cluttered.

Too much clutter within one’s home can be frustrating and the disorganized things can leave our homes in a mess. But following the proper home storage ideas that we are about to discuss, you can organize things properly and efficiently utilize your space and create a clean, comfortable living space.

1. Multifunctional furniture

Due to its versatile functioning with the efficiency to save space and increase storage, multifunctional furniture is the current trend. They can be used as decor pieces and also for seating purposes.

Beds with drawers, convertible chair beds, shelf floor lamp, foldable tray or coffee tables, table-mirrors, etc not only help in saving space but also comes up as stylish pieces of decor.

With their instant ability to reduce clutter, multifunctional furniture pieces are affordable and can help in streamlining the look of your interiors making them appear larger and more pleasing. Using multifunctional furniture is one of the most trending home storage idea which has major role in home interior designing and decorations.


2. Kitchen racks, cabinets, and rods

Irrespective of the size of your kitchen, with different kinds of appliances, food and pantry items, utensils, dinnerware, and glassware, the kitchen area is easily prone to clutter and
Organizing it can be quite challenging.

Overhead racks or rods, thoughtfully constructed cabinets, etc can give you much-needed space to store groceries and other items making it more convenient to access them whenever needed and thereby avoiding clutter. Convertible sink cabinet and attaching s-hooks also can give you designated spaces to hang some tools or cooking items.


3. Wardrobe cabinets or closets

Regardless of the size, wardrobe cabinets are one of the most cluttered spaces in any house, and organizing it and keeping it under your control can save you a lot of time without having to search for your favorite clothing and streamline your morning routine.

Adding some drawers, storage baskets, hangers, and clothing divider tags can give your wardrobe more storage space and help you in organizing your clothes according to your own preferences. Installing two bars within the cabinet can make it perform double duty and you cal also store multiple things.


4. Doorframe shelves

Installing shelves above the doorframes is one of the several ways of utilizing every possible space at your home to efficiently store things. Being one of the most underused areas between the doorframe and the ceiling, adding some storage shelves there would instantly help in removing all the clutter lying around your room and giving you more space.

After taking into consideration the door frame and the molding, you can measure the sizable space for an overhead shelf which can be flat panels and have molded edges or decorative lip to keep items from falling. Always remember to determine what you wish to keep in such areas before installing anything.


5. shoe rack ideas

Having a designated shelf, boxes, or a space in the closet for organizing your shoes and footwear can avoid unnecessary clutter and make a good amount of the floor space available for other utilities or purposes. Moreover, organizing your footwear can also make it convenient for you to find it easily whenever required.

Shoe racks or stands greatly differ from one another and there tend to be various types including cabinets, standard racks, under-bed racks, hanging racks, revolving racks, etc. Coming with unique designs, you can choose one according to your preferences and according to no the number of pairs of footwear, your home will have.


6. Set a routine

Organizing your home is an ongoing process and if your home needs to stay organized you need to organize the stuff in and around on a routine basis. That is if you’re not decluttering your home regularly, things piles up and it will be more complicated and tough to organize.

Dedicating a specific time each day, twice a week or once a week, according to your convenience can make things easy and you can avoid the clutter. The lesser the time between the de-cluttering days, the more organized and clean your living space will stay. Decluttering the areas that accumulate clutter easily on a daily basis is advisable to save your time and efforts.


7. Less is more

The 3-R’s to follow to get and keep things organized are: Reduce, Resourceful and Resilient. That is, Reduce what you have as it can directly help you in efficiently organizing things. Be Resourceful and find more creative and efficient ways to use what you have. And finally, be Resilient enough to buy only the stuff that you really need.

If your objective is to reduce the items in your home so that you can make decluttering easier, the first thing to do is to stop bringing excess goods or items to your home. Making sure that no unwanted stuff is purchased while shopping not just saves you space, but also money and effort. Once you’re done going through every room in your home, either sell what you don’t use anymore or donate it to charity. Decluttering your home is definitely worth its efforts and you will finally be rid of the mess you don’t need anymore. Reduce, Resourceful and Resilient.

These home storage ideas can help you to organize your home. Evolving as the most reliable builder in Kerala, Veegaland Homes delivers homes designed and built with state-of-the-art innovation and technology, ensuring a comfortable and peaceful living space for its inhabitants, which can be optimized to their lifestyle preferences.

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