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Know how we guard your life: Fire Safety Measures at Veegaland Homes Explained

admin | April 25, 2022
Know how we guard your life:  Fire Safety Measures at Veegaland Homes Explained<

Fire safety measures are extremely significant in housing projects, and their lack is, therefore, a serious concern in apartments. The rapid progress of our cities, along with its increasing land constraints have made modern constructions rise taller, which subsequently makes fire safety and rescue more complicated than ever.

Therefore, it’s a pre-requisite that all apartments have the essential fire protection devices and systems installed in their apartments to save the lives of the occupants in the unlikely breakout of fire.

If you are someone who’s living in an apartment with essential fire safety systems or have visited one such apartment at some point in your life, you would have probably seen a large network of red pipes (fire hydrant system), fire sprinklers hanging from the top of the wall surfaces, fire alarm systems, etc and wondered how these systems work. To know more about The Importance of having fire protection systems in apartments read our previous blog.

Let’s now have a detailed look at such fire safety measures established at Veegaland Homes and understand how we guard your life:


Pump system

Fire pump rooms are the heart of the firefighting system in an apartment or housing complex and are installed to be used when the water source used for firefighting requires an additional boost in pressure to meet the needs of a fire sprinkler or a standpipe system.

Required to be separated from the protected building by at least 5–feet, they might look complex with several pipes and pumps laid over. They are of different types: horizontal split case, vertical split case, vertical inline, and vertical turbine.

Veegaland Homes have around 5 main automatic pumps in our apartments as part of fire safety measures :

a) 2 Jockey pumps (For rapid response in the unlikely event of a fire)

b) 2 Big pumps (in case the pressure is low for jockey pumps) One is for water spraying in rooms, and the other for the hydrant.

c) 1 Diesel pump (In case of shortage of electricity)


Fire sprinklers 

Fire sprinklers are basically plugs that hold back water in a pipe similar to other plumbing pipes. The heat from a fire will break a glass tube or melt a solder plug on it, which will spontaneously spray water to put out the fire. Only the sprinklers nearest to the fire will open and the rest will remain sealed.

All Veegaland Homes apartments have fire sprinklers installed in bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen, corridors, lobby, parking, basement, etc which are automatically activated following a fire breakout that exceeds 68 °C.


Hydrant Spray

If fire sprinklers are installed in the interiors to put out the fire inside the apartment, hydrant spray is installed outside, to put out the fire surrounding the apartment and premises.

It provides high-pressure water from either an underground water supply or a water tank, or some other source, which is powered by electricity or diesel fuel from the pumping room.

Veegaland Homes apartments have hydrant spray installed in all our apartments and have dedicated staff who are trained in operating them in the unlikely event of a fire breakout.


Fire Alarm Master Control

Fire alarm master control, situated on the ground floor of a building is the integrated controlling component of the fire alarm system in an apartment. The panel receives information from the various devices installed in the apartment to detect and report fires and controls and monitor their operational integrity.

The master control also helps with the necessary communication between occupants and the fire safety officials during the breakout of a fire.

Veegaland Homes have an integrated Fire alarm master control and communication system installed as part of fire safety measures on all floors of the flats that effectively helps occupants during a fire breakout.

While having the above-mentioned systems or devices and practices can prevent fire, it is very important that regular inspections are carried out to ensure the working condition of these systems.


We at Veegaland Homes design and build our flats and apartments with state-of-the-art fire safety devices and ensure to conduct regular inspections to check if these systems are in their best working condition and take the necessary steps to resolve the issues at the earliest.

Recently, one of our apartment projects in Kochi, Veegaland KingsFort received the safety award for residential apartments, constituted by the National Safety Council. Veegaland Kings Town was awarded the same award in 2020 for facilitating all the necessary safety measures.

For a better understanding of the safety measures followed by Veegaland Homes during and post-construction of a project, watch this demonstration video:Fire Safety Demo with Kochouseph Chittilappilly


To learn more about our ongoing and upcoming apartment projects and their safety features, please visit:


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