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admin | February 8, 2021

Although exhausting, moving into a new place is definitely worth celebrating, and therefore showing up empty-handed for housewarming is an absolute no-go.

Despite it being someone’s first home, or new home, or new apartment, taking a thoughtful gift to a housewarming is a great way to commemorate the new beginning in their life and thank them for hosting.

Before going into the housewarming ideas, let’s have a look at the 4 most important rules to keep in mind while choosing the perfect gift for your friend:

1.The gift is not for you; but your friend. Therefore, remember to keep your likes and dislikes away during the selection.
2.Choose a gift based on what you know about your friend.
3.Try to bring a personal connection.
4. Choose something that they wouldn’t usually buy for themselves; yet useful.

Now let’s look at the 10 Housewarming gift ideas your friends may actually want:

1. Potted Plants

Apart from being the trend, Indoor plants also make the perfect housewarming gift. Beyond their lovely looks, a good variety of them can help purify the air in the house and hence are useful too.

Make sure to choose a plant that requires minimal watering and lighting conditions to grow and along with a decorative pot, they are guaranteed to bring a new charm to your friend’s new home and brighten things up.


2. Wall art

Giving those bare walls the attraction that they never could have had, beautiful pieces of wall art helps in transforming a house into a home. Personalized wall art with your friend’s name or a word or phrase meaningful to them can give your gift an emotional connection.

While choosing wall art, always remember to choose pieces that go in sync with the color scheme of the new house and bring charm to their indoors.


3.Tool Boxes

With a lot of unpacking on its way, finding the right tools for the job can be demanding. Therefore, gifting a toolbox with all the basic tools and essentials that they’ll be needing can make their life a lot easier and they are definitely gonna remember the ones that gifted it.

With life being all about staying practical, a tool gift box is undoubtedly one of the best housewarming gifts out there.


4. Gardening baskets

Gardening baskets with basic gardening tools and essentials could be the perfect gift if your friend or partner is into gardening. The contents of the basket would be very much useful for their lawn or backyards and growing their favorite hobby.


5. Kitchen & cooking essentials

Although it’s the most common gifting variety, it never goes out of the trend as its need and purpose are varied and demanding in any house. Some of the cool items you can give in this category would be mixing and storage containers, baking pans, serving platters, pots and pans, knife sets, etc.

Cooking or kitchen essentials are available as collections or else you can also personalize them yourself.


6. Bath Goodies

Refreshing bath and body products are another best housewarming gifts that any new homeowners would love to have. They can be a combination of bath products such as body butter, bath salts, scrubs, lotions, aftershave, shaving cream, soap, and shampoos, etc.

They serve a double purpose; to make one clean and also refreshed.


7. Local food or beverage gift

Delicious food and beverage are never a disappointing gift for anyone and they will only add to the celebration mood of the occasion. Local food products such as honey, jams, cheese, and other delicacies would be thoughtful treats to anyone who had just gone through the struggles of moving.

The food and beverages gifted according to their taste and preferences will be more cherished.


8. Scented candles

Scented candles are another interesting housewarming gift that can bring soothing fragrances and also add a touch of decor to your loved ones’ home. With zero need for electricity to function, candles can also pay off as a thoughtful gift during electrical power outages.


9. Kitchen towels

Although the most common housewarming gifts are kitchen related products and accessories, there is one item that is very much in need at the kitchen and yet less gifted- kitchen towels.

Kitchen towels are undoubtedly a kitchen essential and with the newly available ones in the market with designs and quotes, it can be an add-on factor to the style quotient of any modern kitchen.


10. Gift cards

Gift cards are another trend of the age. And especially if you are confused regarding what to gift; eGift cards are the perfect solution for you. Moving is undoubtedly expensive, and giving them the opportunity to shop for themselves without having to think about the expense is definitely unique. A sweet personal card or note can make it look even great.

With every homeowner being unique, their needs are also going to be unique and the gift you are giving them should strike their personal interests more than yours. Any gift given from one’s heart is worth and therefore remember; it’s the thought that counts most, even more than the actual gift.

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