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How 360-degree virtual tours can help apartment buyers

admin | December 28, 2021
How 360-degree virtual tours can help apartment buyers<

Ever-changing technology is undeniably transforming the face of all industries alike, and the real estate industry is no exception. Innovative concepts like 360-degree virtual tours and virtual reality (VR) are path breaking to the property market and are turning into the driving force of the new-age real-estate business.

Although real estate businesses already have many effective strategies in place like private showings, open houses, etc with their own advantages, it doesn’t mean that they are equally convenient for both the parties; seller and buyers.

That’s where the significance of 360-degree virtual tours come into play and let’s have a look at the 7 different ways a 360-degree virtual tour or VR can help apartment buyers:

1. Saves time

Virtual tours and virtual reality tours essentially can save home-buyers a lot of time by cutting down the time required to visit the properties they have shortlisted and to view the property that they’re not so sure about purchasing.

With a great majority of buyers already actively using the internet to look for homes and their basic research, VR is the obvious addition and buyers can have a clear 3-D view of each room and areas of their prospective home, within their comforts.

2. Availability and convenience

Along with eliminating the time and efforts required to visit a property, a 360-degree virtual tour also provides homebuyers more time as they would like to view a property, without feeling pressed by the agent or the representative.

Thanks to advanced technology and the internet, virtual tours also do away with the crowd or rush of other homebuyers, and also present the convenience to visit the interested property at any time of the day or night, according to one’s convenience, under no one’s surveillance.

3. Better online communication

360-degree virtual tours also create a better interactive space online, and homebuyers can comment with their particular query or concern regarding any aspects of the property they are interested in.

The capability of receiving instant, real-time feedback regarding the property makes the whole process of shortlisting and decision making a lot more smooth and convenient, and helps the homebuyers make an informed choice.

4. The 3-D possibility of visualization

360-degree virtual tours and VR is capable of creating an enhanced engaging visual tour experience that will guide potential buyers through an exact similar environment to their prospective home and help them visualize and feel how it’s going to be along with all its details and nuances.

Unlike photographs or digital arts, the possibility of viewing from different and unique angles, makes virtual tours satisfy the home-buyers curiosity and doubts in a more interactive and user-friendly, allowing them to explore their future home the way they like.

5. Cost-effective 

Once a homebuyer shortlists a property, making some spare time, they might require to drive back and forth to visit the property, taking efforts to travel to the location and spend on gas or fuel. All these investments also have no guarantee that a homebuyer will like or buy the property.

Putting an end to the investment of time, effort, and money required to visit a property, 360-degree virtual tours, and VR provides a cost-effective means for homebuyers to view and gather perspective on a property they are interested in, that too from within their comforts and convenience.

6. Evade geographical boundaries

360-degree virtual tours and VR eliminate the need to travel not only for local homebuyers but also for homebuyers from other parts of the world who are looking forward to relocating or foreign investors.

Homebuyers or investors, irrespective of where they are based can therefore experience the tour of a home they are interested in without leaving their place of residence, that too without compromising on its details or nuances.


7. Safe option in difficult times

Ever-changing times demand ever-changing technology and undoubtedly innovative concepts like 360-degree virtual tours and virtual reality (VR) are not the future; but the present.

With the pandemic still forming the backdrop of our lives, virtual tours are the perfect solution for social distancing and yet gather a wonderful idea about the home that you’re interested in.

Veegaland Homes, one of the most innovative builders in Kerala have 360-degree virtual tours designed for Veegaland Kingsfort apartment to gift potential homebuyers the true experience of their future home along with all its details. Experience the 360-degree virtual tour of Vegaland KingsFort:

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