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How to babyproof for a child friendly home | Veegaland Homes

Veegaland | June 21, 2022
How to babyproof for a child friendly home | Veegaland Homes<

Having a baby or toddler can significantly alter your perspective on so many things within your house and you would want to be sure that your house is safely set up for your new born baby or toddler.

Baby proofing your entire home will take its own time and you should plan and start doing it long before the baby actually arrives. Getting started at least three months prior to your due date is recommended as some babyproofing preparations could take a lot of time.

Veegaland Homes, one of the most reliable builders in Kerala in this blog will explain how to babyproof your home so that you can prevent unwanted injuries and accidents to your new born baby or toddler:


  1. Tackle the big things first!

Now is the time to repair or replace all those things in your home that requires a fix. It could be anything from a broken window to pipe or heater leaks, to smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

If your home is an old construction or part of one, it is also important to check if your lead paints on the interior windowsills, door frames, and other areas. Peeling or chipping paint surfaces could be a source of lead exposure for toddlers and younger children who might crawl around and come in close contact with such surfaces.


  2. The kitchen

A toddler can easily find their way to the closed cabinets or pantry and typical doorways won’t, therefore, be an option.  As using stick-on plastic latch locks can be seen as causing damage to the wood on the cabinet doors, an occasion of babyproofing would be the right time to invest in modern childproof cabinet locks.

Magnetic locks that can be fixed on the inside of the cabinets while offering the same security home features and easy adult access can also be considered. Also, find a new and out-of-reach place for the cleaning supplies, than just keeping them under the sink.


  3. Living room

Furniture that has sharp edges and corners is one of the biggest risks in living rooms, which could lead to falls and collisions where it’s not just your baby who can get hurt, but adults as well. Using stick-on cards and corner cards could help significantly.

However, you should look at your existing furniture to consider what pieces need to be mounted to the wall to avoid tipping. In case you are buying new items, you should choose items that come with anti-tip kits and have higher standards and fewer chemicals used in production.


  4. The nursery

This room has to be organized keeping in mind that function is its most important aspect. As proper storage is an absolute necessity, it should be secured from the baby and at the same time allow easy access to adults.

You should also take special care in ensuring that no object is hanging directly over the crib, which pulled by the baby could cause serious accidents. Toy boxes and other accessories within the room should be carefully chosen and should be child-friendly. Finger-pinch guards for door hinges and child-friendly lights can also be thought of while redesigning this room.


  5. Bathroom and laundry room

As this is the place where you keep your medications and cleaning supplies, extra care should be taken while re-organizing this room during babyproofing. You should essentially think from a baby’s or child’s shoes while doing this and should keep away household items like laundry pods, hand sanitizer, disinfectants, and sops away from the child’s reach.

Also ensure that there are child-safe latches in place for the medicine cabinet, a toilet lock, and a thermometer to ensure that the baby’s bathwater is within a safe temperature.


  6. Final check!

Following are some general things that can ensure further safety for your small ones within your home:

*  Have safety gates at every entrance or exit.

In case you have houseplants within your home, ensure that there are non-toxic varieties.

*  Vacuum the interiors regularly

*  Have locks in place for cabinets that store liquor and other substances that could be poisonous to children.

*  Place covers over radiators and heating vents.

*  Keep toy batteries safely stowed away.

*  Clear cosmetics and shampoos off the sink.

Veegaland Homes, one of the most reliable builders in Kerala, designs and develop child-friendly apartments in Kochi for sale for young urban family. Our apartments have contemporary living spaces and amenities that are thoughtfully put together to add colour to the younger one’s life.

To learn more about our child-friendly apartments, please visit:

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