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admin | January 25, 2021

The concept of living a simple life with fewer pieces of stuff around attracts everyone, but home-owners these days tend to get carried away feeling overwhelmed and buy a lot of stuff that is unnecessary for your home.

Therefore, the need to decluttering your home (and thereby your life) is very much essential and the numerous benefits associated with it make it worth giving a try. Owning fewer possessions and getting rid of clutter brings about: fewer things to clean, fewer things to organize, fewer debt, more financial freedom, and less stress.

Now, let’s get into the practicality of decluttering your home and how you can achieve it.

1. Simple Entrance

The entrance to your home is what presents the first glimpses of your home and hence creates the first impression in anyone who visits it. Therefore, rather than make it look complicating and congested, keeping it simple would be ideal.

Take away all the unnecessary stuff out there, and make sure that only the most essential objects the entryway to your home. You can restrict the number of items (footwear and apparel) you place there. Using a basket case or stuff that provides ample storage and can also be a style statement can be made use of.


2. The Living Room

With respect to the number of occupants and your lifestyle, the living room is one of the hardest areas in your home to maintain. The primary reason for this is the continuous demand for this space and the lack of storage place it has. And objects are habituated to be placed without any order.

To keep your living rooms neat, you need to make it a habit to declutter this space regularly and also allocate permanent storage spaces for objects and items that are used frequently (Remote controls, magazines, books, etc.)


3. The Bedroom

First things first; decluttering your bedroom doesn’t begin without making your bed. A bedroom is a space where any individual would be spending most of their time while at home. So take efforts in removing anything that doesn’t belong there and this might include anything from already read books or magazines to pens that have gone dry.

With it being a common practice to make bedrooms a dumping ground for your laundry, contrary to the popular notion, bedrooms should be the last place you should let clutter accumulate. The space with its function to offer your sleep and relaxation should be taken care of to sorted out well.


4. Closet clean-out

Decluttering your bedroom isn’t complete without decluttering your closets or wardrobe. The simple way to do this by sorting your clothing by its type (dress, boots, shoes, etc). Also, make sure you get rid of stuff that you haven’t been using over the past years. You can either donate them as a charity; provided they are in good condition or throw them off.

Once your closet is sorted, apart from looking neat and tidy, it will also make the outfit choosing process more smooth and easy. Organizing your clothes from the next day each night can also bring a huge difference in your lifestyle.


5. Kitchen Reboot

Taking into consideration, the different activities take place in one’s kitchen, (Cooking, eating, socializing), to keep it clutter-free can be a challenge. The easiest way to declutter one’s kitchen would be therefore by focusing on one category at a time (Glassware, utensils, etc)

Completely emptying each space and determining the need for each item, you can put the things that need to placed back after cleaning the space or you can return anything that doesn’t belong there, back to its space, or put them away.


6. Bathroom

Once again, depending on the number of inhabitants of your home and your lifestyle, de-cluttering this space: bathroom can be tricky on various levels. First and foremost, with the lack of storage space for everything, you need to determine what’s essential and what’s not.

Strategically cleaning your bathroom shelves, drawers and other storage can help you rearrange things in a way that’s convenient for everyone. You can also take the de-cluttering occasion to inspect the outdated medications, skincare products, etc and replace the needed ones.

Thriving as a reliable builder delivering homes designed and built with state-of-the-art innovation and technology, Veegaland homes ensures a comfortable and peaceful living space for its inhabitants, which can be optimized to their lifestyle preferences.

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